21 Euromillions 100 draw Jackpot winners yet to come forward

Euromillions 100 Draw

The international scene is buzzing with talk of who the 21 millionaires who have not come forward to claim their prize are. This is after news from Camelot gave a clear indication that 79 winners had already come forward to claim their prize following Friday night’s draw of 100 £ 1m prizes in the Euromillions Millionaire Raffle draw.

The organizers are encouraging lottery players who purchased tickets for the Friday nights draw to check the results on www.national-lottery.co.uk to confirm if they hold a winning ticket. This is because they want to break the record and award all the winners. However Tuesday night would have seen a jackpot of 119Million carried away.

In other news it has come to light that lottery officials actually knew that a small syndicate of players were taking advantage of the system and manipulating the results. Apparently for seven years now Cash Winfall results have been tampered with seeing these syndicate gamblers win over 48 million dollars.  Among the syndicates was a group of MIT undergraduates who stumbled upon these loopholes in the system during a regular research project. No legal action against the lottery officials was taken because they could not prove that they got any personal benefit from these system manipulations.

A public apology was issued to all Cash Winfall players. The question is, ‘is an apology alone good enough?’. Apparently just because the syndicates had a higher advantage gained through their tech savvy expertise ordinary players still stood a chance of winning. The inspector General said that the lottery officials should have done something sooner.


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