Additional measures to deal with the Jamaican lottery scam

Jamaican lottery scam

In a bid to salvage the already tainted image of Jamaica, the Jamaican government is employing further measure to end the Jamaican lottery scam. Most of the victims of the lottery scam are US citizens owing to close proximity the country has to the Caribbean state. US lottery officials estimate that the scam is costing its victims an estimated $300 million dollars annually.

The Jamaican government appears to have taken a serious tone on the issue and has formed an inter-ministerial task force mandated to arrest the lottery scam. Members of the inter-ministerial task force are from the ministries of national security, Trade and commerce, Foreign affairs among the other ministries. The task force will work closely with the police in getting the scammers to book.

In addition to this, the national is developing legislation that aims at protecting the privacy of Internet users. This clause will give the police the power to sanction anyone found guilty of the crime. The US is an important trade partner with the nation and hence the nation will do anything within its powers to make sure it maintains cordial relationships with the superpower.

The government is striving to maintain a squeaky-clean image of the nation and make it a hub for investors from all over the world.

As a caution, if you receive a suspicious letter or email claiming that you are a lottery winner in a lottery you never played, forward it to security agents. Only play lottery online from websites whose reputation is confirmed.


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