Alberta oil workers score $25M lotto win

Alberta oil workers

Playing the lottery is more than an occasional activity for many people, and some keep purchasing lottery tickets regardless of how far away they might be from civilization. Now that the Internet empowers people to check out the highest jackpots, learn about the recently drawn numbers and purchase tickets from virtually everywhere, lottery players grew numerous. For a group of oil workers stationed in northern Alberta, technology was the incentive that kept them pursuing their hobby and eventually made them $25 million richer.

Distance was rendered irrelevant

One might assume that when they are hundreds of miles away from big city life and working in some of the most difficult conditions, people would think about anything except the lottery. This was obviously not the case for 15 people who spend most of their time in the wilderness of North Alberta drilling for oil in a harsh environment. The group of friends decided to create a syndicate some time ago, and they didn’t let distance become an insurmountable obstacle.

With plenty of time to think about what they might do with the money, and looking forward for the next draw, the 15 friends pitched in once again this week and bought a Lotto Max ticket in Edson. At the time they did that the jackpot stood at the massive $50 million, which means that despite the fact that another player won half of the amount, there is still plenty of money to go around. By simply dividing the price to each winner in equal shares, we realize that each co-worker will cash in on a nice bonus worth of $1.6 million. The other lucky ticket was bought in British Columbia and the identity of the winner is unknown.

15 distinct plans for spending the cash

Immediately after the media caught the news, the 15 oil workers became the focal point of attraction and reporters didn’t let distance have a deterring effect on their resolve. When interviewed about what they plan on doing with the newfound wealth, the 15 winners had different ideas, although very few know exactly what they intend to spend the money on. Keith Gould is one of the winners who was kind enough to answer more questions and he confirmed the fact that he’s been buying lottery tickets for many years.

This is the first time he ever won a significant prize but he said that despite his lack of success he never gave up and was always confident in his chances. Just like many of his colleagues, Keith intends to pay off his house and settle all outstanding debts, then take actions that are aimed at improving his and his family’s lives. Western Canada Lottery Corporation is yet to officially confirm the validity of the winning ticket, but it is basically only a matter of time until this will happen.


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