Anel Bajtarevic wins a huge instant prize in Illinois lottery

Illinois lottery

The Illinois lottery makes millionaires on a weekly basis, but what makes Anel Bajtarevic’s case more interesting is the fact that he became the largest instant lottery prize winner in the state’s history. He was officially presented with a check worth $20.8 million and unlike other lottery prizes, this will be awarded to him in increments. For 20 years, he will receive $20,000 per week and despite the fact that he doesn’t have the option of choosing a lump payment, it is only fair to say that money won’t be a problem anymore

Living the American dream

When Anel Bajtarevic came to America 16 years ago, he was hoping to find here a better life than the one waiting for him in Bosnia. After almost 2 decades, he finally gets the chance to actually live the American dream and the recent Illinois lottery winner was overwhelmed with joy. His parents were beside him when Anel collected the check and he was also accompanied by his girlfriend, all of them wanting to be together with the winner. He is thrilled with the prospect of receiving roughly $1 million per year in equal increments and has no regrets about the fact that a lump sum cash payment isn’t possible.

Without being a dedicated player of the Illinois lottery, Anel Bajtarevic couldn’t resist the temptation of purchasing a ticket from the self-service machine, while shopping at the Dominick’s store. The prospect of winning $20,000 per week for two decades was simply irresistible and now that the dream came true he thinks about all the possibilities. He is running a small trucking business and can put the money to good use by expanding it, although he intends to buy something for himself, probably a car.

Instant prize lotteries pick up traction

Anel Bajtarevic rarely bought Illinois lottery tickets, but he was instantly attracted by this type of game, which is gaining popularity statewide. Players find it very appealing to buy the ticket and find out right away whether they won or not and the size of these prizes is the ultimate incentive. The very purpose of playing the lottery is to win enough money to enjoy a careless life and $20,000 per week can do exactly that. This is how the winner feels these days, when a huge boulder was lifted off his shoulders and he can now focus on the best things in life without worrying about financial issues.

Those who know Anel say that the winner fully deserves the money as he is a hard-working individual, and his family members are defined by the same traits. Dominick’s had been fortunate to install the self-service machine just one month ago, because the store where the lucky ticket was sold, will receive a bonus worth more than $200,000.

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