Another lottery winner in court for benefit fraud

These days Putman, 46, from Place Street in Leaders Langley, Herts., showed up at St Albans Magistrates court  held accountable to unable to notify  the  change  of the situation to the DWP in relation to earnings assistance.

He wrote a letter to apply for benefits in September 2009. He used the money to buy two new sports cars and a house.

The authorities became curious, and they suspended the benefits.  In July 2010, after winning the jackpot he wrote a letter to Department of Work and Pension pleading for the suspension to be lifted.

The agency turned down his pleads because Putman didn’t let his income providers and the council (who cater for the housing income) he had won a lottery of almost £ 5 million. Putman received his pension benefit while still sitting on his secret jackpot prize.

The well-orchestrated plan came to the realization of the authorities in October 2010, when he went to the council to ask if he could buy a house under Right to buy scheme, of £84,000 which he to pay in cash.

He had two account s with the bank –one had over £2.5m and the other one had £2.4m

Prosecutor Hita Mashru was able to do discover that Putman had an account with St James’s Bank. Following Putman’s case, it showed he had been arrested I the early 1990 for raping a 17 year old woman at his home in Milton. The prison term was 7 years.

The court observed he stated a requested for £4,809 between Sept 2009 and Oct 2010, and £8,033 between Sept 2009 and May the previous year.

Mr Millan said Putman had created a completely lawful declare in 2000 for enquiring for the benefit suspension, and only became false when he never told the authority bodies of his luck when he won the lottery fortune.


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