Arizona Lottery releases name of second winner of record Powerball

Arizona lottery reveals the identity of Powerball winner

Many lottery players proclaim their decision of not disclosing their personal information to the media in case they win the jackpot. The need for privacy and the desire to avoid the inherent pitfalls associated with excessive media exposure are driving lottery winners into reclusion. In some states, the law makes it mandatory for the authorities to reveal the identity of the winner to shatter any speculations about the fairness of the lottery. Although the same laws are not in place in the state of Arizona, the lottery released the name of the second winner of the Powerball jackpot.

Identity and intentions revealed

Immediately after lottery officials made the name of the winner public, the media swarmed the lucky winner hoping to learn more about his short and long-term intentions. Many will find it a bit surprising that someone who chose not to disclose his identity but was forced to step into the light was so willing to discuss with the media. It is fortunate that he chose to speak to the press, because his intentions are much more interesting than his identity and the readers have a lot to learn from this guy.

Matthew Good opted for the lump payment which means that he will receive a total amount of $192 million after all the taxes are performed. This brings us to the more sensitive issue of this deal, because the winner was particularly concerned about being awarded the money immediately. His intention is to get the full amount before the end of the year, when the gloomy fiscal cliff could hurt his profit margin. If the government doesn’t reach a compromise and the taxes are automatically risen, his huge jackpot will be subject to more aggressive taxation, therefore he will receive a smaller amount.

Great power brings great responsibility

Now that the record Powerball jackpot changed Matthew’s life forever, he has to make a couple of difficult decisions to protect his newfound wealth. The simple fact that he was smart enough to rush things as much as possible to avoid a possible increase in taxes, suggests that Mr. Good is a grounded individual. He went a step further and hired a team of financial experts to help him with managing all this money, so the odds are stacked in his favor to enjoy his fortune for many years to come.

In addition to putting everything in order and laying a solid foundation for future projects, Matthew plans to help those close to him. The first thing that he intends to do is to provide financial assistance to help his nephews and family who intend to pursue a college degree. He intends to keep his job because he says that he enjoys what he does and doesn’t like the idea of drifting aimlessly.


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