Arkansas Lottery News – Legislative measures undertaken

Arkansas Lottery

Arkansas Lottery news states that certain legislative changes have been made regarding the amount of scholarships funded by the lottery under the legislation of the Governor Mike Beebe. Funds were reduced for new recipients. The lottery-funded scholarships for next year were set at $4,500 and $2,250 for university and two-year school students respectively. The bill previously conferred scholarships amounting to $5,000 and $2,500 to the same category of students. There was a proposal to give the Department of Higher Education the power to determine the lottery scholarship amounts, but this measure failed states the Arkansas Lottery News.

Another important legislation has been passed regarding the sale of lottery tickets, which prohibits sale of lottery tickets, by vending machines. This has been done so that minors do not have easy access to these tickets. Arkansas Lottery News states that the lottery officials are not happy with this proposal, as it would reduce revenue drastically thereby reducing the money raised for college scholarships. Another bill, which didn’t make progress, was the usage of unclaimed prize money for addiction prevention and educational programs reported the Arkansas Lottery News. This failed legislative measure is a sure drawback.


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