Arkansas Lottery News – Million Dollar Raffle

Arkansas Lottery

The Arkansas Lottery News has declared that 1,000 tickets were sold every hour for the Million Dollar Raffle, which ultimately sold 500,000 tickets till Wednesday night. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery announced the two winning numbers. The winning tickets worth $1 million were sold in Batesville and Hot Springs confirmed Arkansas Lottery News. Provision has been made for players who do not have a computer such that they can scan their tickets at a lottery retailer to check if their ticket has made it. The other players can check the result online.

According to the Arkansas Lottery News the Million Dollar Raffle is offering big jackpots apart from the two winners of $1,000,000. There will be 540 $1,000 winners and also 600 $100 winners thus raising the chances of the participants to win. The gross revenue earned was more than $300,000. This ensures that the students of Arkansas will receive more than $1 million extra scholarships as compared to before due to the great success of the Million Dollar Raffle. The game was launched last year, but was extended till April 6th. Sales rose as the draw date approached and in the last three days $900,000 in tickets were sold confirmed the Arkansas Lottery News confirmed.


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