Arkansas Lottery News – Reforms in scholarships

Arkansas Lottery

Arkansas Lottery News states that one of the main issues that remain unresolved by the state Capitol of Arkansas is regarding the reduction of the amount of Arkansas Lottery Scholarships. The House Speaker Robert Moore planned to have multiple meetings over two days to decide about the funding of the Arkansas Lottery as scholarships. The Arkansas Lottery News also found out that the Senator Tracy Steele claimed that they didn’t want to reduce the amount of each lottery scholarship, but at the same time didn’t want to promise what they couldn’t deliver either.

Another major task that lies before the lawmakers is allocating $4.6 billion of the state budget to different agencies. The lottery revenue generated has been used for funding not just educational purposes, but also to deal with prison crisis. There was a proposal to increase the salaries of state employees using revenue from Arkansas lotteries. This was scratched off saving $10 million in the process. The lawmakers have decided to retain the budget of all other agencies as it was and use the lottery revenue only for schools, universities and prisons. Arkansas Lottery News confirms the fact that the agencies will receive the same amount or lesser from the revenue generated by the lottery as they already receive benefits from the private sector.


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