Aussie couple wins $10 million Oz Powerball jackpot

Oz Powerball jackpot

A struggling couple in Australia saw their misery coming to an end after they struck gold in the Oz Powerball jackpot. On Thursday night’s Oz Powerball draw, a couple in Australia won the $10 million (US $10.5 million) Oz Powerball jackpot. The amount was truly godsend for them as the couple was struggling to make ends meal on their income for years. Not willing to reveal their identity, the couple declared that they would use the winning amount to secure their financial future & help some family members & friends.

The most interesting thing about this win is that the couple had been playing with the same numbers for over 36 years across a variety of lotteries. Now they will get the entire amount in lump-sum cash & no taxes will be deducted from the amount as in Australia no taxes are withheld from the winning amount.

Right before they got the happy news, the couple inquired about it with a relative of theirs. They were also about to head down to the outlet from where they bought the ticket when a Tatts lottery official called them up to give them the news.

The rules of the Oz Powerball are more or less same as the rules of the Powerball played in the US. A player has to choose five numbers from a pool of 45 & one Powerball number from another separate pool of 45. If he/she matches all the numbers correctly, then they will win the jackpot.


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