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No Jackpot Winner for Friday’s Mega Millions

The Mega Millions U.S drew its winning numbers on October 7th, 2011. The Friday Mega Millions winning numbers are 5 15 19 23 38 and the Mega ball number is 19. The Mega plier number was also revealed to be 4. The cash prize for the grand jackpot is a whooping $ 12 million. Unfortunately, […]

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EZ Mart lottery ticket buyer wins $50K in Friday’s Powerball drawing

Someone who bought a Powerball ticket from the Otter Creek Parkway EZ Mart in Little Rock has won $50,000 in Saturday’s Powerball draw. The identity of the player is not known yet. The player actually won $10,000 in the draw. But since, the player bought a $1 Powerball multiplier ticket, the prize got multiplied five […]

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Lottery winner fights cancer with job, not money

Nicky Cusac, a winner of a UK National Lotto jackpot, is a person that lottery winners all around the world can choose to emulate. Despite winning a lottery jackpot two years back, she still works in a supermarket where she used to even before she won the lottery jackpot. 46 years old Cusack won the […]

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Winning Mega Millions ticket sold in Massachusetts

Friday’s Mega Millions draw witnessed someone winning the $32 million jackpot. Now news is trickling in that the winning ticket was sold in Massachusetts. According to the lottery officials of the state, the single winning ticket was sold at a Tedeschi Food Store on Neponset Avenue in Dorchester. The ticket matched all the drawn five […]

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Powerball lottery jackpot goes up to $76 million

Still no winners of the Powerball lottery jackpot. Once again, none of the tickets sold could match all the six drawn numbers to win the lucrative & famous Powerball jackpot. Once again the same story would repeat itself. Now there would be a rollover to the next draw. The amount that no one could win […]

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Euromillions jackpot rolls over for the twelfth consecutive week

For the twelfth consecutive week, Euro Millions fails to get a jackpot winner for its massive 141,820,902 pounds jackpot. The amount has again been rolled over to the Tuesday’s draw. Now the total amount of the lottery jackpot would be a whopping 154 million pounds. None of the tickets sold could match all the five […]

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Spain is looking to privatize El Gordo lottery

Spain’s El Gordo lottery is known as the richest lottery in the world. The lottery run by National Lottery Sociedad de Loterias presents lottery players with the richest draws in the world. But currently the government in Spain is planning to privatize this lottery. The country is trying to bail out of a severe economic […]

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Unclaimed lottery prizes for May in UK

Finally someone has come forward to claim his or her share of 4.1 million pounds of the UK National Lottery Jackpot draw that was held almost a fortnight ago. It finally took a national appeal on part of the lottery authorities to make this person come forward to claim his prize. But it seems that […]

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National Lottery News – Lottery grants boost youth

The youth of Rye area is benefiting immensely from the grants sanctioned to them by the National Lottery, reported the National Lottery News. The money is being used to open a ‘Media Hub’ for youth who aren’t receiving a conventional education. This will enable them to develop communication skills and self-confidence needed for any media […]

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Arkansas Lottery News – Reforms in scholarships

Arkansas Lottery News states that one of the main issues that remain unresolved by the state Capitol of Arkansas is regarding the reduction of the amount of Arkansas Lottery Scholarships. The House Speaker Robert Moore planned to have multiple meetings over two days to decide about the funding of the Arkansas Lottery as scholarships. The […]

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