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Illinois Lottery makes single mother a millionaire

A popular saying states that the rich get richer while those struggling financially get poorer, and some argue that way too often lottery games are won by those who are already rich. Although the odds of winning increase when you purchase more tickets, they are still crushing and lucky players can easily scoop the major […]

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Man finds winning lottery ticket in a jar

Lottery officials frequently remind players that it is of critical importance to keep the tickets in a safe yet accessible place, to make sure they never lose them. With so many players failing to claim their prizes due to negligence, it makes perfect sense for lottery representatives to issue this reminder over and over again. […]

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El Gordo puts Sodeto on the world map

Those who visit Spain for recreation or work-related purposes won’t include Sodeto on the must-see places and most of them don’t even know where this tiny village is located. Lottery enthusiasts on the other hand, might have heard about it and remember the stories about this being the luckiest village in the world. Two years […]

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EuroMillions lottery winners will return to work

Every now and then, lottery players hear about one of their peers who won a sizable amount and after squandering every single penny had to return to work. Fortunately for Gillian Bayford this is not the case, as the lucky winner who won £148 million in the EuroMillions last year chose to return to work […]

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Lottery player strikes lucky three times in a day

Lightning never strikes the same place twice and lottery winners rarely get the chance to scoop another prize, at least not a significant one. There are some cases of players who get lucky for several times in a row while playing scratch card lottery, with John Alford being the latest winner. The 76-year-old bought a […]

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Lottery winner gets lucky twice

Life was far from ideal for Joe Denette who was a laid off from his job as a construction worker a couple of years ago. Everything changed in 2009 when he won a massive $75.6 million jackpot in the Virginia lottery and settled for the lump payment. Things picked up for him ever since, and […]

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Homeless American wins lottery prize in South Africa

It is common knowledge that a significant percentage of lottery players are people with low incomes, as they regard the games as the only way of striking rich overnight. Not so often it happens that a homeless person wins a lottery prize, but when such an event occurs everybody takes notice and the media is […]

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Massive EuroMillions jackpot won on Good Friday

Players were anxiously waiting for the EuroMillions draw last week, because the jackpot was expected to exceed £100 million pounds. As a result of more players purchasing lottery tickets on Good Friday, the final value of the EuroMillions jackpot climbed to £112,017,541 and the winning ticket was bought in France. The winning numbers were 13, […]

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Health Lottery pledges to help the less fortunate

A significant part of the money collected by lotteries as a result of ticket sales are directed to funding good causes and charities are among the top beneficiaries. The Health Lottery has been a staunch supporter of community groups in dire need of financing and the organization promises to increase its support even further. In […]

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Powerball lottery winner honors agreement to split the prize

Those who suspect that there are not many honorable men left in this world will surely appreciate the news coming from Georgia. A lucky player purchased a Powerball ticket one week ago and found out with disbelief that he won the second tier prize awarded to those who match all five numbers without the red […]

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