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Legislation to allow lottery winners the right to remain anonymous after a jackpot win

Winning the lottery jackpot is probably the best thing that can happen to a lottery player. It acts as a reward for the years dedicated to the lottery game and an incentive to play more.  Most of the lottery players enjoy the celebrity status that comes after a jackpot win. However, some jackpot winners prefer […]

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Powerball Millionaire in search of Soul mate

A lottery win is probably the most desired way to a life of luxury and glamour. In light of this, it comes to a surprise to many when a Powerball lottery winner sought the services of online dating sites to seek for a soul mate. This is what Donald Lawson, decided to do after scooping […]

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Player scoops $10 Millions from a scratch off lottery game

This year, news around the Billion Dollar Blockbuster scratch off game have been off the radar for a while. However the tides have changed with 35-year old Tara Tuttle came forward to claim a $10 Million prize. Tara bought the winning ticket and carried it around for more than a month before she decided to […]

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Multi Million Dollar lottery winner to be unveiled this Friday

This Friday night will see some of the excitement around the winner of the amazing Powerball $337 million jackpot unveiled. This is the third highest jackpot in the history of Powerball it is a big deal to see who the winner is. Officials have said that they will not be releasing any information about the […]

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Sunrise Rotary Club launches new cash prize as Saturday night lotto players bask in their winnings

Saturday night was a lucky night for the winners of the UK Lotto and Australian Lotto Jackpot winners. Two tickets matched all six winning numbers to split the £4,319,328 UK Lotto jackpot prize. But this was not the only good news for UK Lotto players; seven ticket holders matched 5 numbers and the bonus ball […]

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2012, a good year for lottery winners in the UK

This has definitely been a good year for lottery players, lottery officials and the lottery sponsored good causes in the UK. The winner of the Euromillions draw on Friday 10th August comes from the UK. This means that yet again a jackpot winner comes from the UK. And this was no ordinary jackpot to be […]

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Saturday night lottery draws announce new Powerball jackpot up for grabs

Friday night’s Euromillions jackpot winner who will take home £148 million definitely set the standard for the Saturday night lottery draws. Although Friday nights Euromillions jackpot winner will take home 13 million less than the last highest jackpot winner, the celebration mood is still high in Britain. Not only lottery players are celebrating, but the […]

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Powerball Lottery Jackpot goes up to 212 Million

After twelve draws in a row yielding no Jackpot winners, the Powerball lottery Jackpot goes up to 212 Million dollars anticipated to be won this Wednesday night. Despite their being no winner, four lucky ticket holders managed to match 5 numbers winning $1,000,000. Unfortunately none of them had the power play option which would have […]

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Fraud cases increase among lottery winners

As Millions of lottery winners celebrate last Fridays results a recent survey has revealed that more lottery winners are being convicted. The crimes range from benefit fraud, tax evasion and felony firearm charges.  This news has got people wondering if there is a curse to winning the lottery or just a case of bad people […]

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Lottery Syndicate win Irish lotto jackpot

This was the best time for the workers at one of the best -known building supply companies in Dublin.  The workers kept down their tools and decided to visits the National lottery headquarters to pick up their grand prize. The workers had won a jackpot worth € 3 million. The workers were in full of […]

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