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Retailer sells Powerball lottery $1 million winning ticket

Powerball jackpot hits at $ 80 million jackpot by July 11. A ticket worth $ 1 million was sold at Wawa, 1549 Paoil Pike in Chester. The winning lottery ticket emerged after the July 7 draw. The lottery ticket had matched all the five white balls but did not manage to get the red ball […]

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Germany unveil new lottery system

Congratulations to the German lotteries for making remarkable steps in the world of lottery games. They have managed to form a unified organization in charge of the lottery games. In the countries, there are about 20 or more lottery companies dealing with lottery. At the start of this month, the lottery organization had a conference […]

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Another lottery winner in court for benefit fraud

These days Putman, 46, from Place Street in Leaders Langley, Herts., showed up at St Albans Magistrates court  held accountable to unable to notify  the  change  of the situation to the DWP in relation to earnings assistance. He wrote a letter to apply for benefits in September 2009. He used the money to buy two […]

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Mega Millions players in for a $65 Million Draw

A whopping $65 million will be up for grabs in the midweek mega Millions lottery draw. The staggering jackpot prize holds the first spot on the list of the forthcoming lottery draw. The next juicy lottery draw is that of the Powerball lottery which currently stands at $40,000,000. The next Powerball lottery draw is slated […]

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Elderly couple claim loot six days late

It is simply amazing how fortune can knock on your door and one miss hearing the it. This is what happened to an old couple in Swillington, Leeds when they caught news of their windfall while they were cleaning up in a Men’s  sports club instead of hiring someone to do (with their new found […]

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Powerball Lottery ticket matches winning numbers to win $240,000,000

After a series of disappointments from the Powerball lottery draw, the Powerball draw finally yielded a jackpot winner. This is after one ticket matched the winning numbers from the July 13 midweek Powerball lottery draw. The winning Powerball numbers from the draw were 7, 10, 14, 33, 57 with the Powerball winning number being 18. […]

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Lotto winner in court after claiming social benefits after windfall

Most of the lottery winners prefer to remain anonymous after their win mostly to protect their privacy. But Edward Putman, a UK lotto player chose to remain anonymous after scooping five million pounds from the lottery for completely other reasons.  Apparently, Edward for over 20 months, Edward continued to collect housing and income benefits accumulating […]

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Unclaimed £1 Million raffle prize directed to the charity fund

It has been six months since Camelot announced a million pound prize from a November  Euromillions raffle draw. With the six months now officially over, Camelot says that it will direct the million-pound prize but the total accumulated interest to the National Lottery charity fund. This means that there is a lucky lotto winner who […]

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Midweek Powerball jackpot estimated to be $177M

Yes, you heard it right! Powerball lottery officials estimate that the June 6 Powerball lottery draw will have a staggering $ 177,000,000 as it jackpot prize. This is the highest amount for any US jackpot prize ever since the epic $656 Million Mega Millions jackpot earlier in the year. The current jackpot prize is an […]

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Camelot is going to create 100 Millionaires

The UK Lotto players should brace themselves for another special EuroMillions raffle draw weeks after the last one that made 18 lotto players millionaire overnight. Camelot has gone completely overboard with the forthcoming draw and it will make not 18 but 100 EuroMillions raffle players instant millionaires. Camelot organized the special lottery draw as a […]

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