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EuroMillions Lottery Results for April 17, 2012

The EuroMillions lottery results are in. The winning numbers from yesterday’s draw were 10, 28,33,48 and 49 while the lucky star numbers were 1 and 10. No tickets matched the winning numbers and hence the £12 Million jackpot is slated for a roll over. This is contrast to last Friday’s draw where one EuroMillions ticket […]

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Four UK Lotto players share the rollover jackpot

After a series of rollovers, four UK lotto players were lucky enough to match the winning number to Saturday’s draw. The luck of the four players made them wake home with £1,645,545 after sharing the £6.5 million rollover Jackpot. The four jackpot winners are yet to come forward and collect their winnings. The winning numbers […]

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Illinois becomes the first US State to sell lottery tickets online

Illinois made history today by being the first state to sell its lottery tickets online. The lottery bowed to the public pressure and offered a convenient way of playing the lottery. The lottery officials agree that setting up the online option of the Illinois lottery is a smart move. The move will come be of […]

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Mega Millions Jackpot rolls over to $290 Million

The Tuesday night’s Mega Millions lottery did not yield any winning ticket. This led to it rolling off to a tidy jackpot of $290 Million. About 68 lucky Mega Million lottery player managed to match five of the winning numbers but missed on the mega ball number. The numbers that were to make a lucky […]

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Construction worker to pay $38.5 Million in lottery suit

Americo Lopes, a construction worker, has been ordered to pay back $38.5 million in a lottery suit that he was involved in with his former workmates. Americo was part of a lottery pool that won the Mega Millions jackpot but he later distanced himself from the pool once he found out that he was the […]

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The Powerball Jackpot Could soar to up One Billion Dollar

You have probably dreamt about winning millions in the lottery. With current Powerballtrends, you will have to ‘update your dreams’. Every lottery player out there was restless with the news that the Powerball jackpot was at $336.4 million therefore a billion dollar jackpot would create a frenzy never witnessed in the lottery world. The Powerball […]

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Financial Analyst Takes Home $208 Million New York Lottery Jackpot

A financial analyst named Daniel Bruckner from Silicon Valley is the lucky winner of the $208 million dollars Mega Million New York lottery jackpot. With such a huge amount, it is now very clear that the course of the financial analyst life has changed forever. He will now work full time analysis his newly acquired […]

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Taiwan comes up with the first ‘Dog Poo’ Lottery

A Taiwanese city became the first city in the world to host a lottery primarily based on dog excrement. The lottery had the principal mission of encouraging pet owners to clear up their dog mess. From the looks of things, it turned out to be a very successful initiative. From the official statistics from the […]

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Pennsylvania couple wins 128 million Dollars

A Pennsylvania couple became the lucky players to hit the jackpot for the Christmas Eve Powerball. Lady luck had definitely smiled at them as they held the single ticket to claim the jackpot. They were seen all in smiles, accompanied by their lawyer as they were ushered in the Maryland Lottery Headquarters. To minimize unnecessary […]

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Lottery Edge in Online Tickets in Illinois

Illinois is set out for selling lottery tickets online. This is superseded from the statement of the state’s Lottery Superintendent Michael Jones, who is anticipating for the realization of the plan in three to four months time. According to him, online tickets can generate more lottery income that can extend help to the financial needs […]

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