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Okay, my name is Jeremy and you can find me on Google+. I`m here to write about the lottery. You may ask, why lottery? Everything is simple - life is the lottery! It`s a pretty interesting stuff to write about. Some people win, some people lose, but no one loses the hope. Here you can find everything you wanted to know about the lottery. Almost all world's lotteries are gathered in one place. So, join us and let`s try our luck together!

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Powerball Jackpot now amounts to $200 Million

The results of the February 1 Powerball lottery are out. The five winning numbers are 8, 13, 17, 34, 59 with the Powerball number being 35. None of the 911,314 Powerball players were lucky to hit the jackpot and hence the jackpot rolled over to amount to $200 million. In addition to lacking a jackpot […]

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Mega-Sena New Years Event Draw

Welcome 2012 Along With The Mega-Sena New Years Event Draw! Enjoy Christmas has an exclusive jackpot upon New Year’s night! What better way to start 2012 than with a US $93 Million Jackpot lottery win? The Mega-Sena DA Virada is actually a Brazilian lottery event which is presented only once in a year on New […]

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Next Mega Millions Jackpot $100,000,000

There have been absolutely no winners in the last Mega Millions lottery on Tuesday, December. 6. The lotto jackpot for the following drawing on Friday, December. 9 is $100, 000, 000. Based on the Mega Millions Internet site, there have been Ten winners that matched up just about 5 numbers the right way, however didn’t […]

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Unclaimed Lottery Jackpot Prize is $2M Less

December 29 is the last deadline for the winner to claim the lottery jackpot prize that initially amounted to $16.5M. It was on the same day on December 2010 when Iowa Lottery had announced the winning ticket for its Hot Lottery draw. Since then, no one has claimed the price yet. The chief operating officer, […]

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Aussie couple wins $10 million Oz Powerball jackpot

A struggling couple in Australia saw their misery coming to an end after they struck gold in the Oz Powerball jackpot. On Thursday night’s Oz Powerball draw, a couple in Australia won the $10 million (US $10.5 million) Oz Powerball jackpot. The amount was truly godsend for them as the couple was struggling to make […]

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Minnesota couple claims Powerball jackpot

A couple in Minnesota has laid claim on the $229 million Powerball jackpot. Thomas & Kathleen Morris, a couple living in Burnsville, Minnesota have won the largest Powerball jackpot ever to be won by someone from that state. They laid their claim to the jackpot amount on the 12th at around 14:30 hrs. The couple […]

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Still no jackpot winner for Powerball & Mega Millions

Powerball is yet to have its jackpot winner after Bill Swanson from Indiana won the jackpot on 23rd April. None of the tickets sold for sold for Saturday’s draw could match all the five drawn numbers & the Powerball number to win the jackpot. The numbers drawn for Saturday’s draw were 02, 08, 40, 49 […]

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A PowerBall lottery ticket worth $1M is purchased in the tornado ravaged area

Someone seems to have gotten lucky in tornado ravaged North Carolina in the area of New Burn Avenue of Raleigh when he got his hands on a $1 million PowerBall ticket from a convenient store. The identity of the person who bought the ticket is still not known since he/she have not come forward yet […]

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Arkansas Lottery News – Legislative measures undertaken

Arkansas Lottery news states that certain legislative changes have been made regarding the amount of scholarships funded by the lottery under the legislation of the Governor Mike Beebe. Funds were reduced for new recipients. The lottery-funded scholarships for next year were set at $4,500 and $2,250 for university and two-year school students respectively. The bill […]

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The magnificent seven who won $319 million in Mega Millions draw

Seven IT workers from Albany County turned millionaires when they won the $319 million Mega Millions jackpot on Friday night. The lucky seven who suddenly saw their world changing in a flash are: • John Hilton (57), North Greenbush, Rensselear County • Gabrielle Mahar (29), Colonie, Albany County • John Kutey (54), Green Island, Albany […]

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