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Okay, my name is Jeremy and you can find me on Google+. I`m here to write about the lottery. You may ask, why lottery? Everything is simple - life is the lottery! It`s a pretty interesting stuff to write about. Some people win, some people lose, but no one loses the hope. Here you can find everything you wanted to know about the lottery. Almost all world's lotteries are gathered in one place. So, join us and let`s try our luck together!

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Lotto 6/49 winner sued by disgruntled sister

The old saying states that money doesn’t bring happiness, but there are plenty of examples out there that when used wisely, cash can ensure contentment. For a fortunate Lotto 6/49 winner, luck suddenly ran out, when his sister decides that she should file a legal claim, in an attempt of stripping him of a third […]

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One number away from the Euro Lottery jackpot

SSI UK electrical site workers came painfully close to winning the Euro Lottery jackpot, after their syndicate correctly predicted the five regular numbers but just one of the two lucky stars. The 30 winners will equally divide an amount of £288,000, which means that each of them will pocket £9,625. Although they are slightly disappointed […]

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Illinois Lottery player gets lucky twice

Matching all six numbers on a lottery slip is a remarkable achievement and most players don’t get that lucky as winning the Illinois Lottery jackpot. Giuseppe Anelli on the other hand, was fortunate enough to get lucky twice, because not only he won the main price but also recovered his lost ticket in the nick […]

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Alloa retirees win National Lottery jackpot worth £1.1 million

Enjoying a peaceful retirement is much easier when you have a healthy bank account, a happy family and you are not struggling with poor health. James and Catherine Paterson have two of these prerequisites met after they won the National Lottery jackpot worth more than £1 million. The only things that bother them are health […]

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$448 million Powerball jackpot winner steps forward

Three months ago, a massive $448 million Powerball jackpot was won by three winners with two of them residing in New Jersey with the third buying the ticket in Minnesota. The media focused its attention on the group of 16 Ocean County Vehicle Services Department employees from NJ whose syndicate split $148 million. The third […]

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Doorman’s luck runs out after winning $5 million lottery jackpot

Back in 2008 when Richie Randazzo won the $5 million lottery jackpot on a Set for Life scratch-off lottery ticket, he thought that all his troubles were over. The name of the lottery might have been a bit misleading for Richie, who splashed out and looked forward to what appeared to be a bright future. […]

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Mega Millions jackpot won by Kearny resident

The news that a Kearny resident might be the winner of a massive Mega Millions jackpot sparks the interest of both local authorities and media. So far, the only information transpired is that the winning ticket was bought at the Elm Street deli but nobody has additional data about whom the winner might be. In […]

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Feel the Freedom with POTTO – Play Lotto for Free!

Playing the lottery for free without purchasing tickets has been a dream for many years, but now with POTTO the Play Lotto for Free, it is a reality. The developers paid attention to what the audience was asking for and came up with an application that is available on mobile devices. Compatible with several operating […]

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Three Macy employees split Powerball jackpot

The best case scenario is that the employees of the same company will eventually make the transition and shifts from being colleagues to being friends. This is exactly what happened to three Macy’s employees in Metairie who decided to pool money together and play the lottery as a group. The three of them bought plenty […]

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Lotto Max jackpot is the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Lottery tickets are not the traditional gifts for a birthday party and very few choose to buy scratches for Mother’s Day. Luckily, this investment was a brilliant one for Sion Powell and his family as the tickets purchased for Lynda brought them the Lotto Max jackpot worth $50 million. The happy family can now afford […]

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