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Okay, my name is Jeremy and you can find me on Google+. I`m here to write about the lottery. You may ask, why lottery? Everything is simple - life is the lottery! It`s a pretty interesting stuff to write about. Some people win, some people lose, but no one loses the hope. Here you can find everything you wanted to know about the lottery. Almost all world's lotteries are gathered in one place. So, join us and let`s try our luck together!

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Lottery winner returns to work after spending $10 million

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and some of the most surprising stories involve lottery winners who somehow managed to burn through their massive jackpots. They were unprepared for such a high amount and indulged in lavish spending without having any sort of backup plan and in the end they went broke. Sharon Tirabassi is […]

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New York lottery made new millionaires this weekend

This was truly a great weekend for New York Lottery players, as the officials announced the names of those who have secured a prize of at least $1 million. Even though some of the winners will end up receiving a bit over $600,000 after taxation, they will still have more than enough to fulfill all […]

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Mega Millions jackpot won, Powerball is next

This week had a special significance for lottery players in the United States, as they were being drawn by the high jackpots offered in the Mega Millions and Powerball. The first draw took place on Tuesday and a lucky player from Ohio scooped the main prize, a massive amount of 41 million. Saturday tonight can […]

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Maine lottery winner hopeful to find a new job

There are many ways in which lottery winners choose to spend their newfound wealth, and many activities that the lucky ones focus on after scooping the jackpot. The rule of thumb states that winners quit their jobs immediately or soon after they collect the prize, but this obviously doesn’t apply to James Lovell. The player […]

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Mystery millionaire walks away from lottery jackpot

Every year there are several cases of lottery winners who fail to claim their jackpot, and there are plenty of explanations for why they can’t meet the deadline. For the first time in the history of the lottery, a mysterious player who presents a winning ticket chooses to walk away from the jackpot. A New […]

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$1 million scratch lottery winner

Lottery games come in different forms and the only constant is that they award large amounts to lucky winners, without demanding a sizable investment. This is what makes it so attractive for people from all the walks of life and that’s why the number of players continues to grow regardless of the economic context. The […]

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Lucky Corby bus drivers

There are plenty of reasons for why lottery syndicates win more often than regular people, and plenty of proofs that pooling money together is more profitable on all levels. The latest success story comes from Corby, a small town where a syndicate of 12 lucky bus drivers shared a lottery jackpot of £38 million last […]

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Lottery winner pleads guilty in larceny case

Good things don’t always come to those who wait and unfortunately sometimes those who win large lottery prizes are not the most deserving ones. There are plenty of examples of people who seemingly lost their minds after winning the jackpot, and threw everything down the drain because they were simply reckless. A different type of […]

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Oscar gambling. At last!

There are very few things that people wouldn’t bet on, and as long as the odds are high and good money can be won, pretty much any event is suitable. Betting on movies is not exactly customary, but every time the Oscar ceremony draws near, people are making predictions about who the winners might be. […]

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The Ohio lottery winner is ready to make some donations

Every now and then, people who are hopeless and are frightened by what a new day might bring catch a lucky break and have a chance to change their lives forever. Regina Jackson was going through a rough patch after she lost her job, but the Reach Out Lakota foundation helped her cope with financial […]

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