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UK National Lottery ticket price doubles

If there is one thing that people truly hate is paying more money for the same services or witness successive tax increases. Not surprising, when the UK National Lottery announced its intention of doubling the price of lottery tickets, British players were upset and threatened to boycott the games. Until recently, those who wanted to […]

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Great grandfather wins the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle

The EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle made new millionaires this week and among them was Malcolm Talbot who took home £1 million. He is 72 years old and will be celebrating his 51st wedding anniversary this year, so the money comes in handy, not to mention that his beloved wife also turns 70. The two of them […]

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Injured roofer regards UK Lotto jackpot a godsend

For a roofer to suffer a leg injury equals to be out of work for a lengthy period of time and this is exactly what happened to Stuart Hunt. The 33 years old tore a knee ligament when playing with his kids and was unable to work for more than two months. Over this period […]

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EuroMillions jackpot winner accuses son of harassment

A lottery jackpot is usually an incentive for the winner to be more generous and many people choose to help those in need even if they don’t know them. This makes it even more surprising that a recent EuroMillions jackpot winner decided to give nothing to his son after winning £3.1million. Apparently, his son didn’t […]

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Vietnamese refugee wins Lucky for Life lottery

34 years ago when Duc Phan fled Vietnam on board of an overcrowded fishing boat, he realized that he is very lucky to make it out of the country and into the USA. The Vietnamese knows all too well which are the truly important things in life and wouldn’t make a great deal of an […]

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Three players split $448 million Powerball jackpot

The latest Powerball jackpot stopped at $448 million after being rolled over several weeks and three lucky players split that amount. Lottery enthusiasts were looking forward for the draw and some were secretly hoping for nobody to match the winning numbers, so that the previous record could be broken. Following a lengthy drought, three players […]

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$1M lottery ticket recovered from trash by winners

There are plenty of lottery tickets who don’t step up to claim their prize and the officials frequently remind players not to misplace their tickets. Keeping them safe is the right thing to do but it is just as important to make sure that you don’t lose track of them or even worse throw them […]

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Manitoba celebrates its latest Western Max lottery winners

Jeremiah Courchene and Winola Canard don’t match the profile of savvy lottery players, but this doesn’t matter now when they became Manitoba’s newest millionaires. The game that made them rich is the Western Max lottery, which was introduced earlier this year and has been gaining traction ever since. The lucky couple decided to give this […]

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Beware of the Mega Millions scam

Lottery players are so adamant in their belief that they will eventually strike it lucky and win a major jackpot that they are willing to believe pretty much anything. This is why the recent Mega Millions scam is so dangerous and lottery officials are warning people not to fall into the perpetrators’ trap. What happens […]

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Meet the latest Missouri Lottery millionaires

Missouri Lottery made new millionaires this weekend, and this time it was a lucky Dexter couple that won the big prize. Amanda Richardson and Michael Magarian were the ones who had the inspiration of picking the winning numbers and they were rewarded with a check of $2 million on Monday. Amanda is only 20 and […]

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