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Doughnut maker scoops National Lottery jackpot

The beauty of lottery games is that the jackpot is always within reach and anyone, regardless of experience, gender or background can win the big prize. Granted the odds are stacked against them, the best incentive to keep playing is the fact that you have the same chance as everyone else. Buying additional tickets only […]

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British player wins massive EuroMillions jackpot

British players have twice as many chances to win each time the EuroMillions draw is held, because they can purchase tickets for the Millionaires Raffle as well. While this would explain why more players from the island join the club of millionaires, there is no obvious reason for why most of the EuroMillions jackpot winners […]

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Albertan wins Lotto 649 jackpot after heeding wife’s advice

In many cases trusting your instinct is the best thing you can do, and an Alberta resident can easily testify in favor of this argument. An occasional Lotto 649 player, he was on his way to purchasing a lottery ticket when he had a change of heart and decided not to make the detour. He […]

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Put your luck to test on a daily basis with the Dailies

Most of those who play lottery games are satisfied with the fact that the draws take place twice a week and even more often if we think about Little Lotto. There are of course players who seek adrenaline on a daily basis and they don’t like the idea of being deprived of their chance to […]

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Neighbors seem up for the People’s Postcode Lottery jackpot

Some ancient words of wisdom say that a good neighbor is closer to you than a distant brother and three people from Port Talbot could serve as the ideal example. The three of them share more than a neighborhood, as they are all enthusiastic about the prospect of playing the lottery. It comes as no […]

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Canadian lottery winner makes a shocking donation

There are plenty of ways in which lottery winners can spend their newfound wealth, and many choose to donate a portion of their money. Friends, family and charities are among the common beneficiaries but for a Canadian lottery winner, there are other causes worth fighting for. Four months ago, he won a lottery jackpot worth […]

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N.C. Education Lottery player wins huge second chance prize

Many lottery organizers occasionally award a second chance prize to those players who have purchased lottery tickets but failed to win in the main draw. These are rare and the amounts they receive can easily be regarded as consolation prizes, not to mention that the odds of actually scooping such a secondhand jackpot are not […]

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California is the latest state to welcome Powerball lottery

The Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in the United States and worldwide, due to its record-breaking prizes and lengthy tradition. California is one of the few US states that didn’t adhere to this lottery and for many years its residents missed out on the opportunity to strike it rich. The wait is […]

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The identity of Powerball jackpot winner finally revealed

Three days after lottery officials announced that the $338 million was won, Pedro Quezada aged 44 stepped forward to claim his prize. He went to the Eagle Liquor store, the same place where he bought the ticket and ran it through the machine to confirm that it was the winning one. This formality was the […]

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Powerball jackpot finally won by New Jersey player

The estimations were exceeded by the high number of lottery tickets sold this week and the jackpot climbed well above the $320 million threshold predicted after the Wednesday draw. Players were drawn by the huge prize and kept purchasing tickets until one hour before the draw, hence bumping the total amount of $18 million. Now […]

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