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Powerball Jackpot at $325M, Fourth Largest Ever

Slowly but steadily, the Powerball jackpot rose and now it stands at $325 million, making it the fourth largest in the lottery’s history. Despite the fact that more players purchased tickets than ever before, so far nobody was inspired enough to select the winning ones and the jackpot rose by an average of $35 million […]

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French Euromillions winner scoops 169M euros

The Euro Millions is traditionally the lottery that awards the highest prizes, and the same happened two days ago when a French man scooped a prize of €169 million. If we were to translate that amount into dollars, the result would be slightly above $215 million, on par with the amount waiting to be worn […]

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Jamaica Determined to Clean Country’s Image by Tackling Lottery Scams

The popularity of international lottery is on the rise, and so are the scam attempts because the wrongdoers have access to an increasingly high number of players. Not all of them are aware of the dangers they expose themselves by interacting with people who promised them huge gains on lotteries they’ve never purchased tickets for. […]

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Two tickets win $61 million Mega Millions jackpot

Tuesday night’s Mega Millions made two people $30 million richer, as they will split the total jackpot of $61 million after correctly predicting the 13-37-40-46-52 numbers plus the Mega Ball 29. One of the tickets was bought in Fresno California, but the winner decided not to reveal his identity therefore we don’t know much about […]

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Mega Millions winner claims $85 Million Jackpot

It is not always that the things you buy while shopping coming in handy. Buyer’s remorse will more often than not follow you for a few days until you promise not to buy anything buy impulse again even under pain of death. This however was not the case for Jin Ok Choi who has been […]

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Powerball 320million jackpot winner eagerly waited

The winner of one of Powerball’s biggest jackpots in history is yet to come forward to claim their prize. The information that is out there though is clear that the ticket was purchased in Michigan’s town of Lapeer. The hottest topic is who might have bought the ticket and what they will do with the […]

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Euromillions jackpot cap reached

Tonight might see one lucky Euromillions winner take home the money if they can hit the Jackpot. There are two reasons for the excitement, not only has the prize hit the Jackpot cap something that has not happened before, but should it not be won in another two draws then the jackpot will be split […]

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21 Euromillions 100 draw Jackpot winners yet to come forward

The international scene is buzzing with talk of who the 21 millionaires who have not come forward to claim their prize are. This is after news from Camelot gave a clear indication that 79 winners had already come forward to claim their prize following Friday night’s draw of 100 £ 1m prizes in the Euromillions […]

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Lottery winner jailed for Nine Months for benefit fraud in the UK

Hard working families across the country would be outraged at a lottery winner who has been jailed for nine months for fraudulently claiming about £13,000 in benefits. The man had won nearly £5 million in the UK National Lottery in 2009 but continued to apply for housing benefits and income support claiming he was broke […]

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Jackpot winners Given Opportunity to Express Their Talent

Young filmmakers are enjoying after winning lottery cash to turn their own thoughts into own brief movies. The young people, aged between 12 and 15, have been granted £20,000 to perform with expert filmmakers on brief movies in a program to be directed by Accrington filmmaking venture Rowboat Road. The Accrington filmmakers have already proved […]

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