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No Jackpot winner for the $90 Million Powerball lottery draw

The Powerball winning lotto number results are finally out for the Saturday draw. The lottery draw results were made official when they were broadcasted on the news at late night. The latest winning numbers were locally shown in Virginia CBS station, Roanoke during the late night news. From the Powerball website: powerball.com the, the grand […]

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Winning the Lottery: BLACK -COLOURED BOOK

Lottery Black-colored book review launched by ImInsiderReport.com. It is posting the newest information on a publication published by a mathematics professorwho says he can improve someone’s chances of successful the sweepstakes. The book was published Larry Blase, a mathematics wizard and self-proclaimed three-time jackpot winner. While there is certainly no shortage of products out there […]

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Player Scoops $100,000 from the Virginia Lottery

After several draws at draw Virginia, someone did hit the jackpot of $100k. “I feel very good. This comes once in a lifetime.” This was the description given to us by the Ermelinda Callweng of Roanoke as she and the husband went to claim their prize of $ 100k the top prize in Virginia lottery […]

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National lottery launches second phase of Ad Campaign

After the successive ‘The National Lottery – Life Changing’ campaign, Camelot has decided to roll out the next phase of the ad campaign. The ad campaign was developed with the specific objective of demonstrating to the national lottery players from all over the world how it is thankful for their contribution to the forthcoming London […]

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Jackpot Prize eludes the UK Lotto players

None of the players for the June 6 UK Lotto draw were lucky to match the winning numbers from the draw. Consequently, the £2.1 million jackpot prize will rollover to the UK Lotto weekend draw. The winning numbers from the draw were 9, 17,20,27,37 and 41 while the bonus ball number was 3.  The closest […]

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Ninth Rollover for the EuroMillions Jackpot prize

Thousands of lottery players stood behind long queues for the purchase of the Euromillions lottery tickets. Despite the huge demand for the tickets and the anticipation of the €99,000,000 midweek EuroMillions jackpot prize, none of the players were lucky enough to match all the winning numbers from the draw. Just as it was witnessed in […]

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Four players match the UK Lotto winning numbers

After a series three of rollovers for the UK Lotto jackpot prize, four players successfully managed to match the elusive UK Lotto winning numbers. The four tickets will share the May 29 Jackpot prize of £13,905,628. Earlier in the month, the UK lotto players had enjoyed a winning streak whereby each draw yielded a jackpot […]

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Jamaican Lottery Scam Mastermind nabbed

The Jamaican Lottery scam has featured much in the news in the past several months. Several unsuspecting victims had fallen prey to the scammers antics and were scammed off thousands of dollars. In what appear as a major breakthrough in taming the scam, the Jamaican police have in their custody one of the masterminds of […]

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The hunt for thirteen missing EuroMillions raffle millionaires

The Friday’s EuroMillions raffle was a draw like no other. It was guaranteed that 18 Million EuroMillions raffle players would be made a million pounds richer. It was an offer some considered ‘too good’ to be true. However, Camelot wasn’t bluffing about it because just as it was publicized, 18 players struck the gold mine […]

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Lottery Scammers making millions daily out of victims

The cases of lottery scams have significantly risen in the recent days. A good numbers of the scams architects come from Jamaica. The police from the small Caribbean island nation report that the scammers have been living large courtesy of the proceeds from the lottery scams. They flaunt around with their state of the art […]

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