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Lottery Fever is High as Lottery Fans Wait for the €93 Million SuperEnaLotto Draw

The epic SuperEnalotto €93 Million draw is slated for tonight. The popular Italian Lottery game is offering the highest jackpot prize in the world after none of the players matched the elusive winning number combination. Players are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that this time round someone will beat the SuperEnalotto jackpot winning odds. […]

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Lottery player win one million dollar prize six times

Winning a lottery jackpot is an occurrence that can probably happen once in a lottery player’s life. But some lottery players have in them some extra luck and go ahead to beat the lottery odds more than once. One Arizona man is such a lottery player, the man was lucky enough to win the lottery […]

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EuroMillions Jackpot prize estimated to be at €32 Million

Officials estimated that tonight’s EuroMillions lottery jackpot will be worth a whooping €32 Million. For the last two consecutive draws, no player has been lucky to match the EuroMillions winning number combination. This begs the 32 Million Euro question, who will match all the six winning numbers from tonight’s draw? If tonight’s draw misses a […]

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Quick pick machines glitch causes duplication of lottery tickets

A computer glitch of quick pick machines caused a duplication of numbers in over 3000 Illinois lottery tickets. Lottery officials suspect that a software upgrade on the quick pick machines could be the cause of the glitch. The officials became aware quick pick machines malfunction after a series of complaints from irate lottery players. Most […]

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New York Lottery announces record ticket sales

The New York state lottery has announced a surge in its ticket sales for the fiscal year 2011-2012. According to their pre-audited figures, the state lottery raked in a total of 8.4 billion dollars in lottery sales. This is a $571.3 million surge in sales compared to the 2010-2011 fiscal year. The figures mean that […]

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Powerball winning numbers for April 18 2012

If you played the Powerball lottery, this is the time is now to take out your lottery ticket and check to see if you are $131 Million richer. The numbers from yesterday’s draw were 20, 22, 39, 46, and 49 while the Powerball number was 29. Winning Numbers [20, 22, 39, 46, 49] Powerball number […]

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EuroMillions Draw Estimated to be worth £17/€21 Million

Today is the date for the first EuroMillions draw for the month of April. EuroMillions officials estimate that EuroMillions players will play for an estimated amount of £17 Million. The current jackpot prize is inclusive of last week’s roll over. Lottery players will have to wait and see if the draw will yield some jackpot […]

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Illinois internet players rush to buy online lottery tickets

Illinois lottery players are excited about the new development that allows them to purchase the state lottery tickets online. Just minutes after the state start selling the online tickets, players logged onto the Illinois state lottery website and started purchasing the tickets. The first ticket was sold at 7:03 am, a record three minutes after […]

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The Saturday Lotto Yields Six Jackpot Winners

Last week it was in the news that the Saturday lotto had three jackpot winners but this number later doubled to six. This is in the recent development that three new lottery players came forward with claims of possessing the winning lottery tickets. After the verification of the claims, the £3,953,430 jackpot prize was to […]

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Powerball Jackpot Now 170 Million Dollars

For any lottery player out there now is now the time to play the Powerball lottery. The Powerball lottery is hosting an impressive 170 million dollars as its jackpot. All you have to do is just a simple task…. Just match six of the winning numbers. For those lottery players confident that they will be […]

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