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The Irish Lottery continues with its “Roll Over” Trend

The jackpot for the famous Irish lottery is now officially growing in bounds. Since the start of 2012, there has been twelve draws but none of them has succeeded in producing a jackpot winner. With the current developments, the jackpot for the Irish lottery now stands at an impressive €5.5 million! The Saturday drawing failed […]

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The EuroMillions Commences the year with a Roll Over

The first draw of the EuroMillions for the year 2012 took place on January 4 this year. It began on a high note, as there was about £50 million available to be won. Most players were confident to be the first Euro million winners of 2012 but as it was to be no one was […]

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Lottery Winners: Santa’s Early Christmas Gift

Lottery winners have come together to finish their 1,000-mile trip visiting charitable institutions. Their arrival last week at Marie Curie Hospice Penarth seems an early gift from Santa Claus as patients enjoy each moment they spent on opening Christmas gifts magically wrapped while inside the red double-decker bus of Winner Wonderland. The lottery winners who […]

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Connecticut Store Sells a $254M Lottery Ticket

It was a usual Tuesday morning when Tim Davidson is seen entering the store at BP gas station in McGee Avenue in Stamford to grab his coffee. Employees of the store already know the morning routine of Davidson after coming down from his condominium almost every day. They know that he would always purchase a […]

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Mega Millions this week $55,000,000

Mega Millions, the multi-state lottery has 42 participating states plus the District of Columbia and the U.S Virgin Islands. The next draw for $55 million is set for Friday, the day after thanksgiving, but what about the previous draw, how did it go? The draw on Tuesday 22nd November did not see any jackpot winner. […]

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No Mega Sena Jackpot Winner this Week

The Brazil Caixa released the Mega Sena winning lotto numbers on Saturday, 5th November, 2011. This is, by far, the most popular lotto game played in South America. There are millions who buy and play this lotto in hopes of winning the lottery jackpot. The Mega Sena winning numbers from November 5th are: 1 6 […]

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History In the France Lottery

This is rarely a feature of any lottery draw where one gets to witness a jackpot winner who has won twice in the same France Lotto. This winner hails from the Southern city of Montpellier. This is indeed the luckiest victory ever seen in lottery history. There has never yet been any such record made […]

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UK National Lottery gets its jackpot winners, while Powerball jackpot is yet to be claimed

On last Saturday, two completely different stories were written on both sides of the Atlantic as far as lottery jackpots are concerned. The mighty Powerball lottery is still looking for its jackpot winner, while on the other side of the Atlantic, the popular UK National Lottery had its jackpot winners in quite a while. After […]

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D.C. Lottery’s online gambling plan is not illegal

D.C. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan has ruled that the D.C. Lottery’s plan to start unprecedented online gambling is perfectly legal & there is nothing wrong with it as far as the law is concerned. He said that the plan to start online gambling by D.C. Lottery would be in accordance with the federal law […]

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Lottery millionaire charged with murder

Freddy Young, a lottery millionaire from Detroit, has been charged with first degree murder by the police. He is accused of killing Greg McNicol, allegedly over a few hundred dollars in overdue rent money that Young’s daughter owed. Young is part of the US Postal Service employees’ group who won a share of $1.8 million […]

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