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PowerBall Jackpot Rolls Over as does Florida Lotto

The PowerBall jackpot rolled over on Saturday night after no ticket could match all the six drawn numbers. The numbers drawn in PowerBall’s Saturday night draw were 8, 17, 18, 40 & 44. The PowerBall was 16 & the Power Play prize multiplier for $2 tickets was 2. But no ticket could match all the […]

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No jackpot winners for Powerball, Mega Money jackpot increases to $900,000

Powerball draw for Saturday went without any jackpot winner. No one could match all the six numbers drawn at the Saturday’s Powerball draw. The drawn numbers for this week’s Powerball draw were 02-11-27-47-55. Powerball number for Saturday’s draw was 15 & the PowerPlay number was 04. The size of the jackpot for this week’s Powerball […]

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SuperEnaLotto jackpot currently biggest in Europe

Last Friday we all witnessed how the EuroMillions jackpot was won. But not all the lottery jackpots in Europe were won that day. Right now Superenalotto with its $46 million jackpot is currently the biggest jackpot on offer for lottery fans. The next draw will of the SuperEnaLotto will take place this evening & lottery […]

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EuroMillions Easter jackpot is still safe while PowerBall is won

Once again, it was proved that the lottery is a game of luck. On the one hand EuroMillions Easter draw on Saturday saw no winner of the jackpot & on the other side of the Atlantic one man had his life changed because of the PowerBall draw of yesterday where he won the jackpot. On […]

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Texas Lottery to start the Green Ball promo on Monday

The Texas Lottery is slated to bring back the Pick 3 Green Ball promo on Monday which offers the top 3 players a chance to increase their amount by 20 percent. The promo which will start on Monday will carry on till Saturday 30th April. Playing the lotteryGreen Ball includes no extra costs for the […]

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Indiana Lottery News – Mega Millions Jackpot is growing to $ 308 millions

Indiana Lottery News can’t get bigger than this. The Mega Millions Jackpot, which is an interstate lottery in Indiana, has increased its winning amount to $312 million from a $304 million. Indiana lottery is only to go to grow its prize money till it ceases to exist. Last month saw the distribution of 900 free […]

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General information about lottery world

The World Lottery News is that Shakespeare’s words have come true in the sense that ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’ of lottery we might add. Lottery tickets are being sold in China, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Australia, UK, and the European Union and of course the United States […]

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UK lottery hared for the sixth time in a row

The big UK Lottery News is that the weekend Lotto draw has been shared for the sixth time in a row. The Jackpot was 4.7 million pounds. It was a part of the total Jackpot prize money distributed which was to the tune of 14 million pounds. None of the winners are complaining despite having […]

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Welcome To Our New Lottery News Spot

From the 10 of April 2011, we will bring you the Latest Lottery News in any lottery corner, we hope that you will enjoy our lottery news and you will come back to our site ! If you enjoy we enjoy, this is why we are looking more talented writers who can join us! Good […]

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