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South Carolina player wins $400 million Powerball jackpot

Once again, the popular American lottery jackpot crossed a psychological threshold and apparently a player from South California won the $400 million Powerball jackpot. Lottery officials are yet to disclose his identity, but it is certain that the one who matched 7, 10, 22, 32 and 35 as regular numbers and 19 for Powerball can […]

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Winner claims $80 million Mega Millions jackpot after one month

It is not uncommon for lottery winners to wait a couple of weeks and even months before claiming their prize, as they want to make sure they are ready for the changes ahead of them. The higher the prize, the more likely it is for the money to change something big in their lives so […]

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Winner cashes $5 million lottery ticket after 7 years

Sometimes good things truly come to those who wait, and Robert Miles is the living example of why you should never lose hope. Seven years ago he was deceived by the Ashkar brothers and had his $5 million lottery ticket stolen while provided with a puny compensation of $4000. Luckily for him, the authorities didn’t […]

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Superstitious couple wins the UK Lottery

Many lottery players are superstitious and this influences the manner in which they select the numbers they play, with most of them being reluctant to use Quick Pick numbers. A Cumbrian couple, had a different type of superstition as they’ve put their faith in an ornamental scarab beetle that they’ve purchased while on a vacation […]

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Massachusetts Millionaire Mania jackpot triggered by a fortune cookie

Sometimes one lucky thing leads to the other and for the recent Massachusetts Millionaire Mania jackpot winner, this rings particularly true. William Johnson decided one day to take his wife out for the dinner, and while they were casually enjoying their meal, he opened up a fortune cookie. To be perfectly honest, these sweet little […]

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Lucky Dip ticket lifts couple from financial woes

Adam Young and Tracey Tyler were running out of options for paying their rent and were heavily struggling with financial issues. Despite their dire situation, they found the resources necessary for purchasing a Lucky Dip ticket for the upcoming lottery. This decision proved to be a very inspired one, because a couple of days later […]

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Lottery winner keeps nothing for himself

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for most players and among the first things that winners spend their money on are houses. Bill Ryan is the latest lottery winner and he took home a jackpot worth $100,000 but he has no intention in splashing out. Not surprisingly, he will use the prize to […]

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Philadelphia resident wins $131.5 million Powerball jackpot

Only a couple of days have passed since the $131.5 million Powerball jackpot was won by a Philadelphia resident, and lottery officials are still waiting for him to claim the prize. Little is known about his identity and with the winner having up to one year to step forward, there is a good chance for […]

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Waitress wins $1 million jackpot in the North Carolina lottery

Sometimes good things come to those who wait, and for a lucky Bunn waitress this phrase rings particularly true. Obviously, she wouldn’t have become a millionaire in the North Carolina lottery if she would’ve waited at home for something good to come her way. Instead, she made the minimal effort of purchasing lottery tickets after […]

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Canadian player buys two winning tickets

Lottery stories are always exciting when the winner scoops a large jackpot, but the story of a Canadian Lotto 6/49 player should be easy to remember. What makes these stories special is the fact that he won half of the jackpot, despite the fact that four winning tickets were sold. On that particular day he […]

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