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Lottery group scandal to be decided in court

Lottery players frequently organize themselves in syndicates and pool money together to increase their chance of winning the jackpot without spending a fortune on tickets. As long as the rules are clear and the procedures are straightforward, there is little that can go wrong and everyone benefits from such a lottery group. For the workers […]

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Lucky error makes single mother a SuperLotto Plus millionaire

Most errors lead to nasty consequences and those who commit them are trying to cope with the aftermath while hoping that the lesson serves them well. A single mother made such a mistake herself, but in the end this proved to be quite fortunate as she became the latest lottery millionaire. The mistake made her […]

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Tragedy hits lottery winner and his family

Winning the lottery jackpot should be a reason for joy and unbridled enthusiasm, but unfortunately for Urooj Khan and his family, this only brought misfortune. The winner was found dead the day after claiming the prize and the investigators determined that he was the victim of cyanide poisoning. While the criminal investigation is ongoing, the […]

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Inspired by friend Alexandria resident becomes a millionaire

When she heard a the family friend won half a million dollars in the Virginia Lottery, Tina Moultrie from Alexandria decided that it’s time to put her luck to the test. This was the most inspired decision she made, because only a few weeks later she became a millionaire. The scratcher ticket revealed the jackpot […]

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Powerball Lottery ticket dug out of the trash

It is never too late to do the right thing, and when it comes to lottery jackpots no action is too extreme, if the end result is reclaiming a significant amount. A 41 years old woman from Louisiana learned this lesson the hard way, after she threw a winning ticket to the garbage bin, assuming […]

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Powerball jackpot winner willing to give something back

The identity of the latest Powerball jackpot winner was revealed last week, with an immigrant from the Dominican Republic being the one to scoop $338 million. The lucky winner chose to receive the lump payment, which decreased the total amount to a bit over $216 million. After taxation Pedro Quezada ended up with $152 million […]

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Coworkers choose to share lottery prize with a new colleague

Lottery syndicates are particularly popular among people who share an office, and many coworkers prefer to pool money together and buy tickets than to play lottery games individually. Statistics prove that this type of association is beneficial on multiple levels, as people pay less for lottery tickets while increasing their chances to win. An uplifting […]

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EuroMillions lottery winner unveils his secret

Whenever someone wins the lottery Jackpot twice, other players are immediately assuming that he must be in the possession of some sort of secret that brings him this good fortune. This explains why George Traykov became a hero among lottery players after winning his second jackpot in a bit more than one year. The first […]

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Record broken in Carolina Cash 5 jackpot

When it comes to lottery jackpots, the first impulse is to think about the Mega Millions or Powerball if you are an American player, or the EuroMillions if your allegiance lies with the old continent. This doesn’t mean that records can’t be shattered in relatively obscure games such as the Carolina Cash 5 jackpot. A […]

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$5 million on lottery scratch-off ticket

The largest lottery prizes are won by people who purchase Powerball or Mega Millions tickets, while scratch offs are mostly regarded as a welcomed distraction. The thrills of scratching the ticket right away to see what you won, is pretty much the catalyst that motivates people to purchase these tickets. Every now and then, it […]

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