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Christmas Millionaire Raffle Winners

There were both good and bad news coming from the Euromillions special draw that took place on December 25. On one hand, nobody managed to win the jackpot which will be rolled over for the next draw, on the other hand the Millionaire Raffle made 25 new millionaires. It comes as no surprise that this […]

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Lottery winners Devon couple blames bank for poor investment advice

For most people winning the lottery equals the end of the financial struggles, but for a couple from Devon it marked the beginning of a string of unfortunate events. When they won £1,000,000 back in 2001, they took the advice of Coutts to invest £650,000 of the money in bonds. Instead of enjoying a generous […]

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Speculations about the £113 million lottery jackpot

Whenever someone wins the EuroMillions jackpot, other players and the media are immediately aroused and a frantic search begins. The goal is to reveal the winner’s identity and in most cases this happens one way or the other, because the lucky player can’t simply resist the temptation. Every now and then, someone manages to stay […]

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The last chance to claim $1 million Powerball ticket

Whenever someone who won a significant lottery jackpot fails to come forward and claim his money, the prize is returned to the lottery which uses it for good causes. While this is not such a terrible outcome, for the ones lucky enough to match the winning numbers, it is quite a shame to forsake his […]

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Father charged in $5M lottery ticket scam

Lottery players are familiar with the scam attempt perpetrated by the Ashkar brothers, but recently new information surfaced. It appears like the father of those two wrongdoers has also been arrested and charged with conspiracy, as the authorities suspect that he knew about the fraud. The DA claims that Nayef Ashkar was aware of what […]

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Powerball Winners Must Remain Grounded to Avoid “Curse of the Lottery”

In theory, winning a significant amount in the lottery, should change the lives of the lucky winners for the better. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of people who failed to properly manage the pressure caused by all of the media attention and succumbed to what some people call “the curse of the lottery”. Whether […]

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Record Powerball result of changes to boost sales

When the lottery officials decided to double the price of tickets to $2, the players got the announcement with mixed feelings but it appears to have been all for the better. One thing is certain, and that’s that this action made it possible for the jackpots to hit the $500 million barrier and one lucky […]

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Diver pays tribute to the National Lottery for making him an Olympic Adonis

When we think about the lottery, the first thing that comes to mind is the huge jackpot that has the power of changing the lives of lucky winners forever. Second tier prizes are also important, but they are hardly the thing everybody talks about after the drawing. Very few actually care about what happens with […]

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Brothers charged with scamming $5M lottery ticket

How far would one go to secure a prize of $5 million, is a question that will probably never find a definitive answer. The reason is that some people are willing to put their freedom at risk when it comes to winning such a jackpot, and this is exactly what two brothers from central New […]

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Oz Lotto: Four winners split $112 million

Tatts Lotteries aggressively advertised the fact that for the first time in Australia’s history, a lottery prize was in excess of $110 million. Last week the record for bought tickets was broken but despite this fact, nobody managed to indicate all seven numbers, hence the jackpot was turned over. Another $12 million were added to […]

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