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Mega Millions Winning Numbers Hit $32M

The wait is finally over and after consecutive weeks during which nobody managed to win the Mega Millions jackpot, the lucky winner grabbed a massive $32 million prize. This happened on Friday when someone picked 4, 18, 22, 38, 44 and the bonus ball was 24 and the only thing that is yet certain, is that […]

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Boolavogue’s all abuzz after €7.4m lotto win

It’s been quite a while since anything memorable happened in Boolavogue, in fact many say that the €7.4m Lotto win is the most significant thing to happen since the 1798 rebellion. Back then, the United Irishmen rebelled against the British rule and it is that event that is regarded as iconic for this small village […]

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Lottery prizes spark the creation of six jobs each, every year

When people win the jackpot in the national lottery, the first concern is to improve the quality of life for themselves and those close to them. It is only natural to be like this, because everyone hopes that a significant win will turn their life around, and help them waive all their financial worries goodbye. […]

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NY brothers claim $5M win from ’06 lottery tickets

If you thought that lottery winners would rush to cash in their winning tickets, you’d better think again because there are some who are extremely patient. Two brothers from Syracuse New York, waited for more than six years after purchasing the winning ticket in a store owned by their parents. It took them an incredibly […]

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Iowa Couple Claims $202M Powerball Jackpot

Lady Luck smiled down with benevolence upon a couple from central Iowa as they’ve won the $202 million Powerball jackpot. The considerable amount of money will change their luck dramatically and as it turns out, Brian and Mary Lohse have a general idea about what to do with it. Following the moments of disbelief, they’ve […]

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Christmas could come early for those winning $36M in Mega Millions

It might take a while until the record is broken, and although a $36 million prize pales in comparison with the huge jackpot of over $600 million won earlier this year, winners have no reason to frown upon this amount. Those who play the Mega Millions should take advantage of the rapidly rising jackpot and […]

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Triple Rollover for the Euromillions Lottery Jackpot

Last night Euromillions lottery jackpot draw ended in a rollover after none of the players matched the winning numbers from the draw. Consequently, the €33 million jackpot will roll over to the Friday Euromillions draw. This will be the third time in a row that the Euromillions jackpot prize has rolled over to the next […]

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Spanish Player Scoops £63.8 Million Euromillions Jackpot Prize

Friday night was a good night for one lucky ticket who managed to match the five winning numbers, plus the two lucky stars to take home the Euromillions jackpot. This time around, the lucky lottery player purchased the lotto ticket in Spain. Lottery officials are yet to confirm on whether the ticket was purchased by […]

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French Player scoops the Euromillions Jackpot prize

Friday night results for the Euromillions draw indicates that at least 3.66 million prizes were won in total. How did this happen? Well, the Euromillions jackpot was worth £37,709,047 and one lucky ticket holder from France managed to match all the winning numbers and the two lucky stars. This means that the Jackpot was taken […]

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Increased ticket sales increase Powerball lottery jackpot to $320M

The excitement around Wednesday nights Powerball draw could only be explained by the official’s announcement that the Jackpot would be higher than expected. This situation came about after ticket sales soured pushing up the Jackpot prize up for grabs. The new jackpot value put this Powerball draw up on the US history charts as the […]

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