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Camelot to sponsor the London Olympics Games

The London Olympics Organizing committee has officially acknowledged Camelot as an official sponsor of the 2012 London game. The National Lottery operator will contribute billions to the Olympic Games through coming up with unique lottery games that have the London Olympics theme. The event was officiated by the Camelot Chief Executive officer Dianne Thompson who […]

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Three Winners split the $75M Oz Lotto Jackpot

After a series of rollovers that led to the astronomical 75 Million dollar Oz Lotto jackpot draw, the popular lottery finally yielded not one but three jackpot winners. Each of the winners will be entitled to an equal share of $24.9 million of the lottery jackpot. None of the jackpot winners had stepped forward and […]

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New Jersey State Lottery Hits the ‘Jackpot’

The New Jersey lottery has announced the sales figures from the fiscal year ending June 30. The state lottery announced record ticket sales that amounted to a staggering $2.6 billion- a jackpot of its kind. The record tickets sales are due to the exponential increase of the numbers of lottery players in the state. The […]

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Authorities raise an alarm over the Olympic Lottery scam

With plans for the July London Olympic games in the final stages, scammers are taking advantage of this and preying on unsuspecting lottery players through a fake lottery game. Scammers are circulating letters with an Olympic 2012 logo and informing the recipients that they have won £500,000 prize from the ‘Olympic Lottery’. The scams caught […]

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New Jersey to privatize the state lottery games

Do you want to own a state lottery? You are in luck as the New Jersey state government is considering privatizing the New Jersey State lottery. This is all in the efforts of the New Jersey state governor, Christopher J. Christie to improve service delivery in the state through privatizing some departments of the government. […]

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Man Wins $3 Million on Friday the 13th

It is a widespread western superstition that Friday the 13th the unluckiest day in the calendar. However, Harold Gibson describes the date as the ‘“Luckiest Friday the 13th of my life.” This is because on that ‘unlucky’ day he won a whopping three million dollars from the Illinois state lottery.  He won the huge amount […]

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Lottery Player tests Lottery Odds by winning a Million dollars twice on the same day

Most lottery players only get to win a big lottery once in their lifetime. However, there are extremely lucky people who go on and win the lottery jackpot twice or even thrice in their lifetime. If you find this hard to believe, this story will reaffirm the belief that taking chances might totally change the […]

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UK Lotto Winning Numbers for Wednesday April 18 2012 Draw

Yesterday’s UK draw was the third one for the month of April. Players were playing for a £1.7 million jackpot although lottery officials had earlier estimated that the jackpot will be worth £2.2 million. The time to check your UK lotto tickets is here, the winning numbers from the draw were 7,8,16,22,24,28 while the bonus […]

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Tonight’s EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated to be at £12 Million

Lottery Officials estimate that today’s EuroMillions draw will be worth £12 Million. This is after one winning ticket that was purchased in Portugal took home the lottery jackpot and hence tonight jackpot will go back to basic. The EuroMillions is known for offering large jackpots to its players as it allows the jackpot prize to […]

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Powerball Lottery Rolls Over to $131 Million

The Powerball currently has the biggest jackpot prize that is estimated to be $131 Million dollars. The last seven Powerball lottery draws have yielded no jackpot winners and the series of rollovers that followed have led to this amazing jackpot.  We will have to wait and watch if the rollovers will continue and pass the […]

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