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UK Lotto and Thunderball Lottery Winning Numbers

Yesterday’s UK lotto did not yield any jackpot winner. The winning numbers from the draw were 20, 27, 33, 41, 44, 46 while the bonus ball was 12. No player matched the six winning numbers plus the bonus ball and therefore the £2,552,870 jackpot rolled over.  This is a contrast to the last UK lotto […]

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Another Roll Over for the EuroMillions Lottery

The EuroMillions winning numbers remained elusive as no player managed to match the winning numbers in yesterday’s draw. The numbers that could have made someone a millionaire were 22, 25, 27, 36 and 37 while the lucky star numbers were 05 and 09. The final value of the EuroMillions jackpot was £32,603,075. Next week’s jackpot […]

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Italian Lottery Players Enthusiastic about the €81 Million SuperEnaLotto Jackpot

The lottery fever is high in Italy as lottery player eagerly wait for the 81 Million Euros SuperEnalotto jackpot. The jackpot comes hardly a week after the historic Mega Million draw worth a staggering $656 million dollar. The lottery world will have to wait and see if lottery players will match the winning numbers that […]

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Three Players Share the $656 Million Mega Millions Jackpot

The historic $656 Million Mega Millions draw yielded three jackpot winners. The jackpot winners came from Maryland, Kansas and Illinois. This means that each ticket holder will get an equal share of approximately $218 Million dollars. Interestingly, two of the lucky tickets were “quick picks” meaning that all the six winning numbers were picked by […]

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Lottery Player Turns a $2 Investment into 70 Million Dollars

It is quite hard to picture your $2 Dollar investment turning into 70 Million dollars. Most will take such a success story to be a hoax or a scam to swindle you of your cash. However, this is exactly what happened to Joseph Tamburello a Powerball player after buying a $2 dollar Powerball ticket and […]

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Man in court for stealing lottery ticket

Winning the lottery is the dream of most lottery players. So, what will you do if someone you trust goes behind your back and cashes in the lottery ticket that legally belongs to you? This is exactly what happened to Jose Antonio Cua-Toc, Guatemala immigrant in the United States. Jose got lucky and won cool […]

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Grandy takes home $336.4 million Powerball Jackpot

An 81-year-old avid lottery player just came forward to claim the staggering $336.4 million Powerball jackpot. The current jackpot prize is the third largest in the history of the Powerball lottery. Ms Louise White kept her identity secret for several weeks after discovering that she was the lucky Powerball winner. Ms White purchased the winning […]

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Nottinghamshire Couple Wins £45 Million Lottery Jackpot

A couple from Nottinghamshire took this week £45 million EuroMillions lottery jackpot. Incidentally, the couple is the second Nottinghamshire couple to win the Euro Millions jackpot within two weeks. The yet to be known couple are the winners of the seventh largest ever to be hosted by the EuroMillions lottery. The couple precedes a couple […]

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Fond du Lac $30,000 lottery prize remains uncollected

Yeah that right, $30000 in prize money is yet to go to its owner, as it remains uncollected. The mega million-lottery ticket was purchased at the Ma & Pa’s Grocery Express sometime last year. The drawing for the Mega million lottery took place the on the November 25 last year. The Wisconsin Lottery official views […]

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Israeli, Donated to Synagogue and Wins Lottery

It was Sabbath, so he has to wait for it to be over before he can check his lotto ticket. The day after, he took his ticket and check on the winning result as presented in the televised program before. One matching number, two matching numbers, three, four and his heart started pounding fast. He […]

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