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Hi, my name is Marry and you can find me on Google+. I`m a little bit crazy about the lottery and writing about it is my real vocation. The lottery is a cool thing and I don`t share the opinion that it`s a tax on the poor. Look around, the world is full of chances. Why don`t you get yours right now? All you need to do is to read our recommendations and to start playing lottery online. Good luck!

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Why do lottery winners go broke?

It is obviously not a rule for lottery winners to lose everything they’ve got, but given the amount of money bestowed to them the cases are still very numerous. Sometimes it is plain stupidity that causes people to throw away their good fortune, with lavish expenses and ruining addiction destroying their wealth and ultimately their […]

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Police detective rumored to have won $8 million jackpot

A police detective from Foxboro is alleged winner of a lottery jackpot worth $8 million and the entire community looks forward to see if the rumors are true. If they are confirmed, the police officer can safely contemplate retirement and maybe focus more on his career as a wrestling coach at Foxboro High School. Money […]

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Foreign lottery scams sweep the United States

The number of lotteries selling tickets online is relatively low, but lottery scams run rampart and many people become their victims, despite the authorities trying to contain the phenomenon. US citizens are the ones targeted by the overwhelming majority of scam artists, and elderly people are their preferred victims. They believe that since they lack […]

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The lucky Easthampton player won lottery twice

The odds of winning a lottery jackpot are so small that players don’t even dare to dream that one day they might be the ones to scoop the millions. The very rumor that someone won lottery twice is enough to trigger an unbridled enthusiasm among players and to make them want to hear the entire […]

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Lottery jackpots are good for the state

When the Powerball ticket prices were increased a few years ago, lottery players and specialists frowned upon the decision and expected ticket sales to decrease. Things didn’t go that way, and due to record jackpots the number of players even increased which translated into millions of dollars collected. While the winners were the main beneficiaries, […]

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A man returned a roll of unused lottery tickets

The most straightforward way of winning the jackpot is by simply buying lottery tickets and hoping for the lucky numbers to be drawn. Some people go to extremes and instead of paying the fair amount, they prefer to steal lottery tickets, but there are also people who do the exact opposite. Dennis Garcia did the […]

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National Lottery is raising the ticket price

The same thing that happened in the US with the Powerball lottery is going to happen in the United Kingdom as the National Lottery has announced an increase in Lotto ticket prices. Those who play this game on a weekly basis will have to pay £2 from now on, which represents a 100% increase in […]

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National Lottery Saturday Jackpot Winners

The National Lottery organizes no less than seven lotteries and the draws take place virtually every day of the week. The Euromillions is in a league of its own, because the jackpots it awards count in tens of million Euros and sometimes even exceed €100 million. While this is the flagship lottery and it attracts […]

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Lottery winner died of cyanide poisoning

Some say that money can’t buy happiness, but for Urooj Khan who won the million dollars in the Illinois lottery scratchers last summer, this statement was tragically true. A dedicated lottery player, he finally caught a lucky break and won the jackpot but his good fortune was short-lived. Immediately after he claimed the money and […]

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Lottery gains traction in China

Chinese people have always had an interest in gambling and despite the fact that the authorities made it illegal to gamble, some always find a way. Those who are attracted by the promise of future gains, but don’t want to break any law and get on the bad side of the Communist Party, choose lottery. […]

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