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Hi, my name is Marry and you can find me on Google+. I`m a little bit crazy about the lottery and writing about it is my real vocation. The lottery is a cool thing and I don`t share the opinion that it`s a tax on the poor. Look around, the world is full of chances. Why don`t you get yours right now? All you need to do is to read our recommendations and to start playing lottery online. Good luck!

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Man finds winning $1M lottery ticket tucked in the console of his truck

Winning the lottery shouldn’t be the number one concern for people and the only hope of changing one’s life for the better. For Ramon Rodriguez this is an understatement, as the lucky winner of a $1 million ticket didn’t even bother to check his ticket for two months after the draw. The family man was […]

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Japanese Thieves Steal Thousands of Lottery Tickets

Winning the lottery remains a dream for many people who purchase tickets every week, but very few end up picking the lucky ticket and have their lives change for the better. Given the low cost of a ticket, they don’t regard this weekly expense as a burden to their budget, and persevere in their attempt. […]

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Panel vote Delays Indiana State Lottery Privatization Plans

Outsourcing the management of lottery games to professional lottery vendors has been a trend since the start of the year. Privatization is often the way to go to any lottery games that seeks to enhance its efficiency, increase its lottery revenues and have time to concentrate on its core responsibilities. Unlike the Illinois state lottery […]

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The Powerball Jackpot Prize rolls over to a whooping $200 million

Yes, you heard it right! The Powerball lottery jackpot is now worth a staggering 200 million dollars! This is after none of the Powerball tickets matched the winning numbers from the weekend lottery draw. The winning numbers from the draw were 2-16-18-40-42 with the Powerball number being 33. The rollover trend has continued ever since […]

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Loyalty to the Lottery Rewards Mega Millions Player

The lottery is a game purely based on chances. Many are the instances where lottery players despair after several failed attempts to win the lottery. However, the dedication of one lotto player to purchase another lottery ticket after the last yielded nothing finally rewarded him with one million dollar. Meet, Ed Bobbette, Jr, a 53-year-old […]

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Euromillions £37 Million UK Jackpot Winner Chooses Anonymity

UK lottery officials must feel like they hold the title to bragging rights over the Euromillions this year. In 2012 alone the UK has banked eight of the Euromillions jackpots including Friday night’s Euromillions jackpot. The £37 million jackpot winner is however yet to publicly claim the juicy prize. The jackpot prize was through a […]

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Lottery Scammer Gets 30 Months Jail Term

When  Maureen Holt and her husband Fred went into the best one shop to check if their lottery ticket had won anything, they did not suspect that they were about to be defrauded. The store clerk told them that their ticket was worth less and then tried to claim the prize. When he called the […]

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The Euromillions lottery yields more millionaires

The 10th of August 2012 was not only a good day for Adrian and Gillian Bayford, it was also an astonishingly good night for fourteen other Euromillions tickets holders. While the Bayfords won the second highest Euromillions jackpot capped at € 190 million fourteen other players became millionaires as well. Due to the excitement around […]

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EuroMillions lottery continues with its roll over trend

The Excitement around the EuroMillions jackpot won last week of £190 million has seen an anticipation rise around the game. The new millionaires Adrian and Gillian Bayford took home the jackpot after coming forward to claim their prize. This was after the EuroMillions Jackpot had rolled over severally to reach its jackpot cap of 190 […]

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IT Guru becomes a millionaire

After purchasing a ticket online and forgetting about it Alex Wheatly logged onto his tablet nearly a week later to find that he had indeed won a million in the one hundred millionaire’s lucky draw. He said that since he usually plays online, he tends to forget about the lottery and only checked much later […]

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