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Hi, my name is Marry and you can find me on Google+. I`m a little bit crazy about the lottery and writing about it is my real vocation. The lottery is a cool thing and I don`t share the opinion that it`s a tax on the poor. Look around, the world is full of chances. Why don`t you get yours right now? All you need to do is to read our recommendations and to start playing lottery online. Good luck!

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£3.6 Million National Lottery Prize remains unclaimed

Camelot officials have reported that a £3.6 Million prize for the 12 May draw is yet to be claimed. The ticket holder matched the six winning numbers to win the prize for the UK lotto game. Records show that the winning ticket was purchased from a lottery agent in Scotland. The winning numbers from the […]

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Plans to privatize the Hoosier Lottery

The Indianapolis state has initiated plans that will see the state’s lottery shifting ownership from public arms to the private sector. This is all in the aim of maximizing the revenues from the lottery through enhancing efficiency in its operations. The step taken mirrors that of the Illinois and Pennsylvania state lottery games. A national […]

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Jackpot winning couple almost changed the numbers to their ticket

Picking up the winning numbers to your lottery ticket can at time be a daunting task even for an avid lottery player. You often feel uncertain that the change of your lottery numbers may just be the tiny bit that might lead to you hitting the lottery jackpot. This is what Graham Muir and his […]

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Lottery fever high in anticipation for the $70 Million Oz Lotto draw

The lottery fever is high in Australia as lottery players anticipate for the epic $70 Million Australian Lottery draw. TATTSLOTTO, the lottery agency in charge of the lottery, is expecting a significant rise in the numbers of lottery players trying to test out their lottery luck at winning the tantalizing jackpot prize. Lottery agents have […]

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Two Winners to Split the Irish National Lottery Jackpot

Two Lottery tickets matched the six main winning numbers plus the bonus ball to split the € 5.3 Million Irish National Lottery jackpot. By the time of writing this article, none of the jackpot winners has showed up to claim their €2,688,982. The identity of the two jackpot winners will be made public once they […]

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Three Jackpot Winners for the UK Lotto draw

Just hardly a week after two players won the £7 Millions UK Lotto jackpot, the Wednesday’s day yielded another three jackpot winners. The jackpot prize for the Wednesay draw was at its basic hence each of the winners will receive an equal share of the £3,900,000 UK lotto jackpot. The winning numbers from the draw […]

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Two women battle in court over a million-dollar lottery ticket

What will be your reaction if you found a million dollar lottery ticket in a trash can? By human instinct, it will be logical for you to assume the ownership of the ticket and cash in the winnings. This is exactly what Sharon Jones, an Arkansas resident did. She was going through her usual routine […]

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Player Scoops the $173 Million Powerball Jackpot

After a series of rollovers that have seen the Powerball jackpot increase from $70 Million to $173 Million, the Lottery finally has a jackpot winner. One ticket from the Wednesday April 25 draw matched the five main winning numbers plus the Powerball number. The winning ticket will scoop the draw’s 173 Million dollar jackpot. The […]

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Financial Advisor warns clients of a Lottery Mail Scam

A Financial Advisory firm has raised an alarm over a lottery scam that is targeting senior citizens. Advanced Retirement Planning, a financial advisory firm for senior citizen is asking its clients to be cautious of the scam .The lottery scam was brought to the attention of the firm after one of the company employees was […]

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Single Mum wins £1.6 Million from the UK National Lottery

A single mum from Essex, England is the latest UK National Lottery millionaire. Julie Styles, single mother of two matched the winning numbers in the April 14 UK National lottery draw. She was unaware of this, until a week later when she a lottery agent informed her that she had the winning number. The winning […]

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