Authorities raise an alarm over the Olympic Lottery scam

Olympic Lottery scam

With plans for the July London Olympic games in the final stages, scammers are taking advantage of this and preying on unsuspecting lottery players through a fake lottery game. Scammers are circulating letters with an Olympic 2012 logo and informing the recipients that they have won £500,000 prize from the ‘Olympic Lottery’.

The scams caught the attention of the authorities after several complaints were filed about the issue. Authorities have issued a warning to the public that they should exercise a degree of cautions to avoid falling prey to the fraud campaign. Any letters or emails received should be forwarded to the relevant authorities for scrutiny and hopefully to bring the scammers to book.

The authorities are advising the public not to share any of their personal details with anyone as this will leave them vulnerable to the scammers. Authorities predict that this is just the begging of Olympics related scams. Scammers are known to use such events to camouflage their intentions and raise the minimum suspicion to their victims.

The scammers use a fake London address for sending the letter and they ask their victims to contact them via phone or fax. The phone calls are directed to numbers abroad and hence it becomes difficult for tracing masterminds to the scam. Legitimate lottery games will never ask you for a processing fee as deductions are made on your winnings.

Players should only play lottery games from legitimate lottery agents whose reputations is confirmed.


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