Beware of the Mega Millions scam

Mega Millions Scam

Lottery players are so adamant in their belief that they will eventually strike it lucky and win a major jackpot that they are willing to believe pretty much anything. This is why the recent Mega Millions scam is so dangerous and lottery officials are warning people not to fall into the perpetrators’ trap. What happens these days is that someone who claims to represent the Wisconsin lottery is informing people that they are the latest Mega Millions winners. There is no special drawing and all that scam artists hope to achieve is to commit identity theft, so those contacted should announce the authorities right away.

Not the first Mega Millions scam

Those who are trying to deceive law-abiding citizens and trick them into revealing personal information and sensitive details about themselves are frequently using popular lotteries as an instrument. This is not the first Mega Millions scam to be crafted by these criminals and it certainly won’t be the last, because there are always some people who fall into their traps. The procedure is not always the same, although the perpetrators are aiming the same thing, namely to steal personal information and use it against its owner.

This Mega Millions scam is somewhat similar to Jamaican lottery scams, with the criminals pretending to be presented official institution that people know and trust. They ask them for sensitive data via that he phone or e-mail and even ask them to make an upfront payment to claim the jackpot. What is very surprising is that sometimes even people who don’t actually play the lottery are swayed by these promises. Once the scam artist gets a hold on a victim, he never lets go and asks for additional information or requires increasingly high amounts of money.

Beware of too good to be true cases

There is no reason for someone offering random people huge amounts of money regardless of them playing the lottery or not. No matter how much one might like to believe that a special draw exists, there is no such thing and the most likely scenario is to be the potential victim of a Mega Millions scam. It is easy to have your judgment clouded by the idea of winning a jackpot, but it is important to refrain from giving in to temptation.

Keep in mind that legitimate lotteries won’t ask winners to pay any amount to claim the prize and most important, they only reward those who buy tickets. The bottom line is that if you never participated in a particular lottery, then there is no chance for you to win a prize in that game. Furthermore, any urgent solicitations that try to pressure you into acting should also be dismissed as scams and the authorities should be informed. Don’t provide any information about your address, telephone number, bank accounts or Social Security number to those pretending to be lottery officials or representatives.

Check out the Elderly citizens targeted by the lottery scam artists as well.


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