Boolavogue’s all abuzz after €7.4m lotto win

Lotto ticket

It’s been quite a while since anything memorable happened in Boolavogue, in fact many say that the €7.4m Lotto win is the most significant thing to happen since the 1798 rebellion. Back then, the United Irishmen rebelled against the British rule and it is that event that is regarded as iconic for this small village in Co Wexford. Now that the €7,373,469 Quick Pick ticket was sold here, everybody’s wondering who the lucky winner might be and the locals already have a couple of ”suspects”.

Alleged winners dismiss the claims

One of the people that locals like most for being a lottery winner is John Redmond, but the 50 years old farmer was quick to dismiss the claims. He assured the locals that he doesn’t even buy tickets locally, but is a member of a syndicate in Ballyedmond. Someone started the rumor and John simply indulged them, but it seems like he is no longer willing to play along and wants to straighten things up.

Others believe that there is a good chance for the winner to be a member of the local football club, as the St Cormac’s AFC juniors are known to purchase tickets from that particular store. The club manager says he has no idea about who the winner might be, but is thrilled with the prospect of a player cashing in on the massive amounts. His ambitions are rather small as he hopes that if a player is indeed the winner, he will spend a small fraction off the funds to buy new footballs.

Store owners root for local winner

Alec Lawless is the owner of the shop where the lucky ticket was sold, but he claims that the number of people who stop there to purchase lottery tickets is higher than expected. Although he and his wife hopes that a local won the €7,373,469, she wouldn’t hold his breath for this outcome because there are many outsiders who shop here besides regulars. He claims that the number of phone calls has drastically increased, as people from all over the county call to congratulate him and learn who the winner is.

The interest for the lottery has increase virtually overnight, and in the absence of rocksolid information about the winner, everybody speculates. With the population being of only a couple of hundred people, it comes as no surprise that everyone has his guest about whom the winner might be. The store owner will cash in on the winner’s good fortune, regardless of whether he is a local or not, but he confesses that he still hopes that the lucky one is a local.


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