Camelot to make Eighteen Lottery Millionaires on May 18

Camelot to make Eighteen Lottery Millionaires on May 18

This Fridays EuroMillions lottery will be out of the ordinary. Camelot will hold a special EuroMillions raffle draw that guarantees to make 18 lottery players millionaires. The Euromilllions raffle is an extension of the EuroMillions lottery that is exclusive to UK Lottery players.

Usually the EuroMillions raffle guarantees to make two players win a million pounds after each draw and hence this makes the eighteen that will win the raffle an astronomical figure. Compared to the other major lottery games, the EuroMillions raffle is simple to play and has higher chances of making a player a millionaire.

The main purpose of this lottery promotion is to raise more funds that will be directed to the National lottery charity fund. The UK Lottery players will have to keep fingers crossed and hope that they will match the three letters plus the six numbers and join the exclusive lottery millionaires club.

Onto other news, the EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot for the Friday 11 did not yield and jackpot winner. Failure to match the elusive six winning numbers makes the Tuesday 15 May draw to have a € 51,000,000. The winning numbers from the draw were 1-13-17-38 and 44. While the lucky star numbers were 2 and 11. The closest players came to the jackpot prize was matching five of the winning numbers, plus two lucky star numbers to win the second tier prize of €64,179

The EuroMillions raffle number from the draw was CMS978848. So far, the most overdue EuroMillions numbers are 42,47,17,07 and 02. You can decide to include some of them to increase your chance of winning a prize or even the €51 Million jackpot.

Good Luck!


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