Canadian lottery winner makes a shocking donation

Canadian lottery winner

There are plenty of ways in which lottery winners can spend their newfound wealth, and many choose to donate a portion of their money. Friends, family and charities are among the common beneficiaries but for a Canadian lottery winner, there are other causes worth fighting for. Four months ago, he won a lottery jackpot worth $25 million and he chose to donate $1 million to those fighting for the legalization of marijuana. All of the festivities that are held this spring in Canada will be sponsored by Bob Erb, who hopes that his contribution to the cause will lead to the end of the war against cannabis.

Winner pays for all 420 celebrations

Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Vancouver, Yellowknife and Halifax are some of the cities where the festivity will be held, and to some extent they are made possible by the generous donation. Baltimore is a longtime supporter of legalizing cannabis and after playing the lottery for more than 40 years he finally found a way to push things into overdrive. Instead of contemplating retirement and buying all the stuff that he couldn’t afford a couple of weeks ago, Bob chose to try to end what he calls as the biggest social injustice of the last decades.

This decision is not as surprising as it might sound, at least not for those who knew ball for a long period of time. He stopped at nothing when he thought that his action could push forward the process of legalizing cannabis and even then ran for mayor in 2001 representing the Marijuana Party candidate. His attempts were unsuccessful but this didn’t stop him from keeping the dream alive and now he hopes that the money can be used as leverage in the campaign to end the criminal prohibition. One way of achieving this is by having a pro-reform party winning the next federal elections in Canada and that’s something that he hopes to achieve by sponsoring these campaigns.

More donations at the horizon

While Bob Erb remain a champion for the cause of legalizing cannabis he is just as committed to funding other reform organizations such as NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada, Sensible BC, NORML Canada and Stop the Violence BC. Bob will continue to attend conferences promoting the legalizing of cannabis but his generous donation is expected to have the biggest impact.

The 420 rallies are supposed to be a call for Canadian voters to support those parties that are more likely to end the prohibition. Only time will tell whether his donation will provide other people with the impetus to leave their homes and join the rally, but for certain is that this is one of the most surprising donations ever made by a lottery winner.

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