Clever Lotto for iPhone Helps You Manage Powerball and Mega Millions

Clever Lotto App

Technology made giant leaps forward and it can be used to prove our everyday life, including some activities that are not necessarily regarded as routine. Purchasing lottery tickets is something that most Americans do on a weekly basis, but some take their passion for Powerball or Mega Millions to the next level. These people are watching every joint and put their hopes in what the lucky numbers might bring, so it makes perfect sense for them to be open to the latest breakthroughs. With the iPhone being the smart phone of choice these days, it comes as no surprise that a clever tab has been developed for these devices.

Clever Lotto brings you up-to-date

Formigas is the company responsible for developing Clever Lotto and although the app has recently hit the stores, it promises to turn into a hit. What this application for smart phones does is to bring lottery players up to date by insuring a steady flux of information about the lotteries, including statistics and drawings. It is not unheard of people who acquired lottery tickets and then completely forgot about them, simply because their busy schedules distracted their attention.

By using this application for the iPhone, these people will be notified immediately after an important drawing takes place, so that they can check out the lucky numbers. These notifications mitigate the risk of people losing track of their winning tickets and discovering them only after they have expired. You don’t need to be a computer guru or to know a great deal about smartphone applications to use Clever Lotto, because it was created to appeal to every iPhone owner, regardless of experience.

Crisp and intuitive interface

An application developed for either computers or mobile devices needs to be clean and inviting, so that people can use it right away. This is exactly what Clever Lotto stands for, and even some of the most advanced features are easy to use and intuitive enough not to require comprehensive tutorials. If you are wondering how much money you spend on lottery tickets, this great app will help you get to the bottom of the issue. Its tracking features will help you achieve great bankroll management with no effort at all.

Those who use Clever Lotto frequently, will know exactly where they stand at in terms of winnings and losses, and this will make them stay in control of their habit. Depending on how keen they are on learning more about lottery news, users can dig deeper and explore the additional features that this iPhone app contains. One of the most attractive functions is called “Lucky Shake”, and its purpose is to deliver a set of random numbers that can be used to fill up the lottery ticket.

Download the app here.


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