Lucky Corby bus drivers

Twelve Corby bus drivers won a huge lottery jackpot

There are plenty of reasons for why lottery syndicates win more often than regular people, and plenty of proofs that pooling money together is more profitable on all levels. The latest success story comes from Corby, a small town where a syndicate of 12 lucky bus drivers shared a lottery jackpot of £38 million last year. Not surprising, their lives took a dramatic change for the better and when interviewed by reporters, some of them were willing to unveil some of the the things that they have changed meanwhile.

The community still loves them

What usually happens when someone living in a small community wins a lottery jackpot is that the rest of the people leave envy get the best of them. In this case this didn’t happen and the community still loves the former bus drivers, which explains why many of them chose not to move out. These guys have been playing as a lottery syndicate for years, and when they finally got lucky, most of the people who knew them rejoiced and basked in their glory.

The truth is that very few good things have happened in the town of Corby in the last couple of years, and as the community has been hit by unemployment, this lottery jackpot was truly a godsend. On one hand, 12 lucky people and their families now have more money than they can spend, assuming they don’t change their habits too much, and others were collateral winners. Since all of the bus drivers quit their job after winning, 12 other people got the job right away and their families now have more money to spend.

How did the lottery jackpot change their lives

Initially, most of the winners made short term arrangements and virtually all of those who were a part of the lottery syndicate chose to buy a new home. A few settled for home improvements and used a part of their newfound wealth to improve their living conditions, but none of them chose to leave Corby. It is not something that happens frequently, with the rule stating that those who share or win a lottery jackpot relocate quickly especially if they live in a small town with very few things to do.

The explanation for what appears to be the exception to the rule is that this lottery syndicate was comprised exclusively of people who were either born or lived their entire lives in Corby. Since most of them are elderly citizens they have developed a strong connection to the community and the idea of relocating was not particularly exciting. Eventually some chose to move out with Spain is one of the preferred destination, for the warm weather that benefits those who suffer from various conditions.


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