Couple finds £1 Million raffle ticket under kitchen fridge

EuroMilllions Millionaire raffle

A couple from Nottingham began their July on a high note after they found a one million pound ticket stuck in their fridge. Allan and his wife Kim, has spent lots of time in the kitchen oblivious of the fact that they had the winning ticket for the Euromilllions raffle games.

The couple got to know of their fantastic finding after Allan decided to take some of the old tickets they possessed to their local lottery agent. Allan expected that some of the ticket may be worth a couple of pounds so you can imagine the utter shock when he was informed that he held a winning ticket to the Euromillions raffle game from a lottery draw two months earlier.

The shock of winning the prize was so much for Allan that he had to call his son just to confirm the winning numbers from the internet. After checking and rechecking the winning Euromillions raffle numbers, it finally sunk to Allan that he was indeed the jackpot winner.

The couple at a press conference disclosed that they would continue with their old jobs despite the lottery win. On how they plan to spend their newly found fortune, the couple plans to purchase a brand new state of the art Range Rover and on a family holiday to an exotic destination.

The couple’s winning comes hardly two months after another Nottingham couple scooped £4,449,039 from a UK Lotto draw.

The EuroMillions jackpot prize is at €116,000,000 after rolling over in the last nine draws. Players can take part in the Saturday’s draw by purchasing their lottery ticket online.


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