Couple wins Atlantic lottery jackpot while on vacation

Atlantic lottery

When most people return from a vacation, they are worried about what happens to them at the office and prepare for busy times. Add to this that the holiday is usually a costly affair and it is easy to understand why money is always of the essence in the first couple of weeks after the return. An Amherst couple won’t have to worry about financial issues anymore, because their expectations were met and exceeded. Everything changed for them when John Lewis decided to purchase tickets for the Atlantic lottery and ended up winning a $1 million jackpot.

The ultimate Prince Edward Island vacation

John Lewis and his partner Jan MacKinnon had plenty of reasons to choose this destination for a brief holiday, with a concert being the highlight of the trip. Regardless of how good the performance and how warm the weather might have been, it is only fair to assume that the lucky couple will remember this trip for what the Atlantic lottery tickets brought them. The decision of purchasing tickets was made on the spot as John had no intention of gambling but couldn’t resist the temptation of putting his luck to the test.

The June 29 draw changed their vacation for the better and both John and Jan told the media that this is one of the best vacations ever. At the end of a busy weekend they decided to step into a Shoppers Drug Mart while shopping at the Confederation Court Mall in the city of Charlottetown. Among the stuff they bought, were several Atlantic lottery tickets and one day later, this proved to be the best investment they ever made. The surprise was amplified by the fact that John checked the numbers at a self-service ticket checker which only revealed the fact that he won a major prize and should contact the lottery officials.

A prize worth the detour

The lucky couple can confess that the major prize announcement was not false advertising and a simple call to Atlantic lottery revealed the magnitude of their luck. John told his daughter that he was about to cash in a prize worth $1 million which meant that the family had plenty of money to make some of the upgrades contemplated earlier this year. The winners have no intention of retiring just yet, and each of them plans on making some home improvements while Lewis also thinks about buying a new car.

The Atlantic lottery jackpot will allow MacKinnon to travel more as this was one of her dreams for many years now, but money has been always scarce. There is no better incentive to embark on a new vacation than to return home from an amazing trip with $1 million more than what you set sail with. The owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart is just as happy, as he will receive a bonus of 1% equaling $10,000.

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