Couple wins €10.5million Ireland Lotto jackpot

Ireland Lotto jackpot

A few weeks ago when they have hooked up, Kevin Geoghegan and Carol Loran had no idea that in a not so distant future they will be millionaires. There was a good chance for this fortunate outcome never to happen if the two of them wouldn’t be dating, because they decided to buy the lucky ticket when they were together. The decision made them €10.5million richer and it is up to them to decide to split the Ireland Lotto jackpot or use it to gather as a couple, because there is plenty of money to go around.

Great news for friends and family

As always, lottery winners are assaulted by friends and distant relatives who hope to take advantage of their stroke of luck, and Kevin and Carol are unlikely to be the exception. Whether they will give in to their requests or not, one thing is certain that their children and close friends will be well looked after. Kevin is 46 years old, divorced and has three children while Carol who is seven years younger has four children with the youngest being eight.

After winning the Ireland Lotto jackpot, the two of them told the media that they intend to look after those dearest to them. It comes as no surprise that children come first, with Kevin being thrilled that for the first time in many years he can truly repay his mother. The 77-year-old woman looked after him and his brothers and achieved extraordinary results with very limited resources. Kevin holds her in high regards and speaks of her as the best woman in the world, promising to use a sizable amount to improve her life.

Ready for the good times

It goes without saying that both Kevin and Carol had to overcome a lot of adversity in the last couple of years as it is no game raising three or four children alone. They were fortunate to meet at Boylesports, the bookmaker were Carol used to work and if we are to believe her she will return to her job. The lucky winner of a €10.5million Ireland Lotto jackpot told the media that she absolutely loves her job and has no intention to quit, even though she now has the money to afford it.

Kevin works at Trend Technologies in Mullingar and he is yet to make up his mind about whether he will return to work or not. He is ready for the good times though and feels entitled to enjoy the best that life has to offer, now that money is no longer of the essence. Both of them have loads of family and friends and the Ireland Lotto jackpot winners claim that they won’t forget them now, but use a portion of their newfound wealth to make them happy.

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