D.C. Lottery’s online gambling plan is not illegal

D.C. Lottery

D.C. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan has ruled that the D.C. Lottery’s plan to start unprecedented online gambling is perfectly legal & there is nothing wrong with it as far as the law is concerned. He said that the plan to start online gambling by D.C. Lottery would be in accordance with the federal law as long as it stays within the borders of the city.

D.C. Lottery is planning to introduce a new system of online lottery gambling, called I-Gaming, from this September. With this verdict of the Attorney General of the state, D.C. Lottery can now go ahead & launch its online gambling plan in September later this year. With the launch of I-Gaming, Washington D.C would become the first district in the US to offer Internet based gambling.

But there is widespread concern about the timing & implementation of the program. Many people feel the program is being launched too quickly without having a proper plan in place. They are worried that this could be misused & a number of Internet based crimes could increase in the future.

Supporters of the proposal, on the other hand, argue that the introduction of online gambling would be a win-win situation for both the district & the people. Independent council member Michael A. Brown, who is a staunch supporter of the bill, argued that this proposal would bring in a lot of revenue for the district & would enable people to engage in online gambling which they do anyway on a daily basis.

B.C. Roogow, executive director of D.C. Lottery, testified before the hearing committee & assured the committee that they have installed all measures necessary to safeguard the money people would be investing in this online lottery gambling system. Players would be able to deposit $250 a week & can only do so through the use of their debit cards & not credit cards. They would also have to sign self-exclusions, an agreement that bar people with gambling problems from betting here. If you are a US resident and you would like to buy lottery tickets online to US Lottery Sites <—


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