Diver pays tribute to the National Lottery for making him an Olympic Adonis

National Lottery

When we think about the lottery, the first thing that comes to mind is the huge jackpot that has the power of changing the lives of lucky winners forever. Second tier prizes are also important, but they are hardly the thing everybody talks about after the drawing. Very few actually care about what happens with the rest of the money made by the lottery when setting tickets, money that doesn’t fund the pool prize. A significant part goes to charity or to sponsor important sports events, something that diver Tom Daley knows all too well.

The lottery made his dream come true

Despite the fact that he only occasionally purchases lottery tickets and he never won a significant amount in his life, it is only fair to say that the lottery changed the life of Tom Daley. He invested a lot of time and effort in honing his diving skills, but the national lottery also made a contribution to his Olympic success. For this financial assistance, the 18-year-old paid a tribute in the form of a short video in which he thanks the institution for diverging so much money towards major projects in the sporting world.

Without diminishing in any way the merit of the athletes who competed in London 2012 Olympics, it is only fair to say that the unprecedented success for the British is also the result of substantial funding. The first draw took place in 1994 and since then the lottery made almost 3000 millionaires, while funding projects such as the Wembley Stadium or The Angel of the North. Arts, sports and culture are among the fields that require a lot of money to deliver outstanding results and government funding is rarely enough.

The leading sponsor of the Olympics

Team Great Britain won 29 gold medals, and a massive 65 medals in total in 2012, while the Paralympic team did twice as well by claiming a total of 120 medals. The national lottery was behind many of the athletes that competed in the Olympics, and help them cover the high costs associated to training, purchasing professional gear and attending competitions worldwide. Tom Daley was one of the beneficiaries and that’s why he felt like he should show his appreciation for the support he received.

In 18 years the national lottery raised an impressive £29billion for funding good causes throughout the United Kingdom, with an average of 30 millions per week. Many of the projects funded with this money would’ve been unsuccessful otherwise, because neither the government or the local communities could have paid for all the expenses. The authorities also took advantage of this opportunity to thank John Major who is regarded as the founder of the national lottery 18 years ago.


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