Doorman’s luck runs out after winning $5 million lottery jackpot

$5 million lottery jackpot

Back in 2008 when Richie Randazzo won the $5 million lottery jackpot on a Set for Life scratch-off lottery ticket, he thought that all his troubles were over. The name of the lottery might have been a bit misleading for Richie, who splashed out and looked forward to what appeared to be a bright future. He indulged in the best things that life has to offer, until a couple of months ago when he was diagnosed with cancer. After going through complete sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he chose not to undergo additional surgeries and take his chances with the rampaging disease.

The most famous doorman in New York

It goes without saying that at the time he won the Set for Life scratch-off lottery ticket, he became the focal point of attention. For a doorman making $40000 per year, winning a $5 million lottery jackpot was truly a life-changing event but Richie Randazzo decided to receive the money in increments. This means that instead of choosing the larger amount by opting for a lump payment, he was supposed to receive 12,000 dollars per month. As a result, he decided not to leave his job, but it proved that maintaining a day job when you make four times more money just sitting idle was not possible.

In the end, his employers decided to let him go due to the fact that Richie paid frequent visits to Atlantic City and other gaming hubs. With a $5 million lottery jackpot in his bank account and financial troubles out of sight, Mr. Randazzo spent a lot of time giving interviews and even featured in prominent TV shows. His personality and exciting story made him a celebrity and producers were happy to have him on the set, with Richie enjoyed the time spent in front of the cameras.

Lottery winner remains optimistic

In the wake of winning the $5 million lottery jackpot, Randazzo bought an expensive car and started living the good life. He even dated a Swedish model known as Sabina Johansson who dumped him after hearing the bad news about his health. Richie is suffering from lung cancer and the roots of this intractable disease go back to the 1980s when he was a drug addict living mostly on the streets.

After neither chemotherapy nor radiotherapy delivered the expected results, he decided to forgo surgery but remains optimistic. He plans on spending the time he has left by traveling around the world and is looking for a beautiful and smart companion. Richie also plans on learning how to use a computer to get up to date with technology and is confident that his luck will change again. He told the media that the $5 million lottery jackpot made him happy but emphasized the importance of being healthy as all the money in the world can’t help you when you get sick.

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