Doughnut maker scoops National Lottery jackpot

National Lottery jackpot

The beauty of lottery games is that the jackpot is always within reach and anyone, regardless of experience, gender or background can win the big prize. Granted the odds are stacked against them, the best incentive to keep playing is the fact that you have the same chance as everyone else. Buying additional tickets only slightly improves the odds of winning and the same goes for joining a syndicate or any other lottery group. 62 years old Jean Swatman confirms these assumptions by winning the National Lottery jackpot with one of the two Lucky Dip tickets bought at a convenience store.

Small changes for the lottery winner

Doughnut making seems to be a fine job, at least if we are to believe Jean Swatman who despite winning the National Lottery jackpot worth £2,021,379 thinks about returning to work. She told the media that she loves her job and making doughnuts is something that she sees herself doing for many years to come. On the other hand, she was reluctant to make any long-term forecasts because she assumes that her family won’t be thrilled with the idea of her returning to work.

Jean Swatman said that she gets along with her colleagues very well and no matter how much money she had, she would like to spend more time with them. There are many lottery winners who contemplate a return to work, but statistics show that most of them choose to retire early and spend their fortune. It is a healthy approach, especially for those who are no longer in their prime and Jean Swatman definitely qualifies for a peaceful retirement. For the time being she took the week off to think about what to do next and to discuss matters with friends, family and possibly a financial advisor.

National Lottery Jackpot won twice this week

A few days ago another lottery winner was announced, with a lucky couple from Ipswich sharing a £6,123,395 prize. Jean Swatman won three times less but she was just as surprised and excited, and will need to think things over before making a decision. With so much money in the bank, she can do pretty much anything she sets her mind on but apparently she doesn’t have high ambitions. She plans to upgrade their house but is unwilling to relocate or buy a larger property because she doesn’t need a bigger house.

Her number one priority is to look after her children and grandchildren, now that her husband is gone and fortunately she won’t need to worry about money anymore. Unlike other National Lottery Jackpot winners she doesn’t plan on starting a shopping spree, but spend more quality time with those closest to her. Jean Swatman isn’t an avid lottery player, but she doesn’t exclude the possibility of buying tickets in the future.

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