Electric engineer scoops $50 million OLG lottery jackpot prize

OLG lottery jackpot

Finally, the unclaimed lottery prize in the last draw has now been won in Toronto. The jackpot worth $ 50 million was claimed on Friday. A 34 year old electrical engineer from Toronto was the victorious individual. Timothy Schell realizes lucky contestant  he was the contestant and visited the OLG headquarters to claim his check.

“I didn’t intend to buy the ticket at the gas station, but the gas attendant insisted that I could be the lucky winner  having little option about this I decided and purchased the ticket”

“The winning numbers were aired to find out that they matched the numbers on my ticket. I could not believe my eye what was on the TV. I had to cross check several times to confirm I was seeing the right thing.” Said Timothy.

Timothy was able to match all the six winning numbers thus claiming the jackpot award. He said the reports he is not planning to quit the job yet. He still had some ongoing project which is yet to be finished soon.

Schell grew up in Alberta as a simple country boy since his childhood. He truly appreciated the gas assistant and he is planning on returning the favor to him.

Schell dream is to open his own garage and become a self-employed individual. “Running my own garage will make things run smoothly for me. I find to be sometimes difficult to be instructed to do this and that at work”.

The jackpot has been unclaimed for the last two draws but finally it was sold in Quebec last week.


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