EuroMillions Jackpot Finally Claimed By a British for a Jaw Dropping £73 Million

EuroMillions jackpot

It’s Raining EuroMillions Jackpot for The Lucky Brit

The EuroMillions jackpot ticket that was purchased on Friday the 2nd May 2014 resulted in massive wins for one lucky English man who failed to claim his fortune of jaw-dropping £73 million – making the lucky lottery winner richer than UK’s wealthiest sportsman Lewis Hamilton and level with musicians Noel and Liam Gallagher. The winning EuroMillions jackpot ticket, that was claimed a week after the result was announced, is the eight highest lottery win in the United Kingdom. Once the ticket has been validated the prize will be paid out and the lucky winner, who is currently behind the curtains, may decide to share the news with the rest of the world.

Why Lottery Winners Like to Remain Anonymous

It’s pretty simple. Imagine your face being plastered and zoomed on every TV channel stating that you have won a fortune by playing the lottery. To become a millionaire you sometimes have to pay a very costly personal price – you don’t have the option of remaining anonymous (in some states). Some lottery players have stated that before winning the lottery, nobody cared about them, but after getting rich friends, families and random acquaintances, try hard to get a piece of the lucky winner’s newfound richness. They call, they visit, they invite and they send flowers and gifts until the lottery player succumbs to their infant emotions. It is true!

While lottery winners may enjoy their 5-minute with fame and limelight, they often seek legal help. With a fortune sitting on their heads, they lose the ability to protect themselves from other people who have their hands outstretched. Knowing this and a lot more, we wouldn’t be surprised if the EuroMillions Jackpot winner wishes to remain anonymous. The question is, isn’t it every person’s dream to be known, to be congratulated publicly and to be respected by those who cared less? In short, isn’t limelight a tiny bit tempting?

What The New EuroMillions Jackpot Millionaire Can Do

We’re thinking for quite some time now what we would do if we won such a handsome amount of money. For the lucky Brit, there are no ifs or buts! He or she is £73 million richer, what can they not do? The winner can buy 31 exotic Lamborghini Veneno cars at £2.3 million each. If not the stylish and sexy Lamborghini Venenos, what about buying 73 Aston Martin One-77 cars?! Okay, I know that’s already numbing your brain, and why wouldn’t it?! The winner can dine out on 121,666 Zillion dollars Frittatas – officially known as the world’s most expensive omelette! Served at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York, this wallet burning frittatas contains lobster and ten ounces of Sevruga caviar. Hmm… mouth-watering!

The EuroMillions Jackpot Hall of Famers

Since the lottery began, here are the top 10 biggest winners:

    1. Colin and Chris Weir: £161,653,000
    From Largs in Ayrshire they are the biggest EuroMillions Jackpot winners. Married for 30 years with two children, they bought a fleet of cars for their friends (too good to be true?) and a mansion for themselves.

    2. Adrian and Gillian Bayford: £148,656,000
    Winners of the second biggest jackpot, these guys separated due to the stress of banking a whopping £148 million. Seriously, out of all the reasons for getting a divorce, does this one make any sense? I am officially speechless.

    3. Anonymous: £113,019,926
    Good for him/her!

    4. Neil Trotter: £107,932,603.20
    A car mechanic before becoming a millionaire, this man had a funny feeling that he had to play while he was driving to work. Wonder what he had for breakfast that day…

    5. Dave and Angela Dawes: £101,203,600
    From living in a one-bedroom flat in Wisbech, these guys took a massive leap as they purchased a country pile worth £9 million but eventually separated because they argued over how to split the money between their friends. Seriously? What has the lottery world come to?

    6. Anonymous: £84,451,320
    Could be anyone, anywhere!

    7. Anonymous: £81,381,673
    Ticket’s still unclaimed! Did you check your pillow cases darling?

    8. Anonymous: £73,000,000
    This is who this article is all about. If the winner remains anonymous, we’ll never know!

    9. Nigel Page: £56,008,113
    After the win, he married his girlfriend and moved into a mansion in the Cotswolds. His ex-wife, whom he had separated 10 years before the win, received £2 million after she sued him for £8 million. The past never stops haunting you, does it!

    10. Anonymous: £46,432,285
    Claimed the ticket and wished to remain anonymous! Good for you I say!


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